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Mydbops: Designing Database Architecture With A Solution Based Approach

Karthik P R,Founder

As a company with core specialization in MySQL administration and support, Mydbops has been rendering database consulting and managed services since 2015. Since its inception from being a two member team, the company has persisted in its goal ensuring top database performance to its customers. Having around 35 database experts, Mydbops has catered to 400 customers within a short span. The company has stayed vendor neutral in choosing database solution and respects customer’s choice of software. Karthik P R, Founder, explains how the company has been delivering its services in the database consulting space.

In conversation with Karthik P R, Founder, Mydbops

MySQL is a domain specific programming language used for storing, retrieving and manipulating data from large databases. What inspired the founders to venture into such a unique domain of IT services sector?
Mydbops started with a vision to provide better value and high performance on top open source databases. MySQL is one of the top open source databases where we work. As open source adoption is at its peak in the IT industry, we observed a huge demand for the right skill to scale databases of these internet properties. We have expertise in scaling the internet

properties and handling huge datasets of high concurrency in Yahoo!, Percona, and Datavail. Mydbops has adopted a DevOps model of databases in early stage which eases the end-to-end solutions on Cloud and non Cloud platforms. We have set our goal in ensuring the database performance for the right value and is also committed towards the open source database community.

Brief us about the nature and types of MySQL services rendered by the company. What additional database support is it planning to introduce in the future?
Performance is something that matters substantially in the contemporary business world. Database plays a major role in application performance and availability. We help organizations of all sizes to scale their database and ensure its performance. Moreover, we also provide managed services to their databases around the clock in assisting and proactively implementing solutions before it crashes.

Having around 35 database experts, Mydbops has catered to 400 customers within a short span

Currently, we are supporting MySQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB on Cloud /On-Premises. After partnering with AWS since 2019, we have been providing its DBaaS versions on cloud too. Mydbops has planned to support PostgreSQL from the second quarter of 2020.

Mydbops is backed by a team which has immense knowledge on database technologies and related software. In what ways is the experiences of the team helping organizations scale their complex database management issues?

One of the core values of our organization is teamwork. We have efficient internal mentoring for our engineers and brainstorming sessions which explore ideas, possibilities, and solutions. More than 70 percent of our manual and repetitive processes are automated, thereby easing the database operations. We work like a hive mind and also spend about 25 percent of our time evaluating new solutions and tools. With home-grown virtual machines to set and simulate production workloads, we also have instances on cloud to practice different failure scenarios. We are transparent in our services and flexible to the requirements of customers.

Kindly provide us with a case study, in which the company successfully collaborated with its client.
In the last four years, we have successfully collaborated with many key unicorns in India. One that stands out in my mind is Dream11 who are into fantasy sports. They are one of the premium customers of AWS in India. The company had issues with scaling MySQL for their biggest cricket league. Unfortunately their database was not able to handle the traffic and there was huge performance degradation. Our database consultant provided the right solutions that helped them scale more than 20X and also assisted in implementing it.

What can we expect from Mydbops in the future ahead?
The future looks brighter and we are expecting bigger challenges in 2020. We have already formulated plans to improve our automated tasks to 90 percent from the current 70 percent. Thus, we can spend our time more on solving mission critical problems. We are also increasing our tech team size by the end of 2020. Moreover, we are adopting the culture of ‘High Performance Team’ within our organization where quality of work matters. We have plans to reach other markets beyond India in 2020.

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