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NeedSoft Technologies: Pioneers of World Class GPS Tracking Solutions in India

Polepalli Janak,   Managing Director

Polepalli Janak

Managing Director

In the digital era, GPS fleet tracking is never a luxury. It is a competitive advantage that helps you collect and analyze fleet data to reduce vehicle idle time and drive maximum revenue for the business. It’s no wonder The Global GPS Tracking Device Market size is expected to reach $5.5 billion by 2028, growing at a rate of 12.3 percent CAGR (according to Research and Markets). Established in 2009, Hyderabad-based Needsoft Technologies is at the heart of the GPS revolution in India by pioneering world class tracking solutions in the country and taking it beyond the national borders.

The story of Needsoft is also the story of a powerful women entrepreneur, Polepalli Janaki (Managing Director, Needsoft Technologies), a versatile leader with expertise in Technology, Finance, Marketing, and Sales and experience of more than 15 years in the industry. Having had a humble beginning in the software industry, Janaki paved her own way into the core of the GPS tracking industry by developing world-class solutions and, in turn, landing prestigious contracts from the Indian Army, Navy, and Railways. We unwind this exciting story through an exclusive interview with Janaki.

Tell us about Needsoft Technologies’ journey as one of the pioneers in GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems.
It has been a mesmerizing journey. We came into existence in 2009 by providing school and educational institute management software. Needsoft established its brand by rendering management solutions to over 1,000 schools and colleges. In 2014, we pioneered cutting-edge web & mobile-based GPS tracking technology solutions, catering to national and international clients regardless of their size. Over the years, we grew from strength to strength, and today, we have a prestigious client ecosystem comprising more than 1000+ clients worldwide who use our GPS vehicle tracking solutions, including the Indian Navy, Army & Railways, SCCL—Telangana, and India Post.

What aspects make Needsoft Technologies a unique GPS tracking solutions provider?
We have repeatedly proven our reliability by creating long-standing relationships with crucial government agencies like

the Navy and Army.Moreover,we got recognition by Indian Navy in IFR-2023.We are discrete and extremely redundant in terms of data privacy and protection, providing data servers in the client’s location. We don’t have the rights to access their private data.

On the other hand, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to develop our solutions. For instance, our GPS tracking solutions bank on IoT, and we develop RFID tracking solutions using UHF readers and RFID cards stuck on vehicles like Fast Tag. We also enable vehicle tracking using cameras with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). Additionally, we also offer niche solutions smartphone-based GPS tracking solutions useful for users who need such solutions instantly and for a short time for example, during elections, government agencies often need tracking solutions for 1-30 days.

One of our USPs is that we provide GPS trackers on a rental and EMI basis, which no other company in the country offers.

Your company offers solutions rather than just products across diverse categories like SCCL and Railways. Could you tell us about the unique aspects of such projects?
SCCL is a public-sector coal mining company in Telangana. The project included the need for a complete Vehicle Tracking Solution (VTS) consisting of GPS tracking, boom barriers, and cameras to monitor coal-carrying vehicles 24/7. The centralized server will store all activities, including movements and idle sequences, speed, and geofencing crossing areas of vehicles (to prevent coal theft). We accomplished this project by providing everything from manpower to GPS trackers, boom barriers, cameras, and RFID tags and readers on a four-year (2021-2025) contract.

The Indian Railways project revolved around providing personnel tracking of Railway-track checking employees. The aim was to monitor their movement while checking railway tracks. We have supplied over 10,000 personal GPS trackers to various railway divisions throughout India to date. We also provided the tracking software. This project will be renewed every year.

Tell us how the team is built. What guidelines do they follow?
Every project starts with thorough discussions with the client to understand their specific requirements, business goals, and pain points that the GPS tracking system aims to address. Based on the meticulous insights fetched, we clearly outline the project's objectives, expected outcomes, and the scope of the GPS tracking systems to be developed. This helps us determine the key roles needed for the project and also analyze the specific skills, experience, and expertise required for each role. Once the expert team is

assembled, we systematically encourage collaboration and effective communication among team members to leverage their diverse strengths while also clearly defining the responsibilities and tasks for each team member to ensure account ability and smooth workflow.

We establish a project timeline with key milestones and deadlines to track progress and manage client expectations. Subsequently, our UX/UI designers create prototypes and mockups of the GPS tracking application, ensuring alignment with the client's vision and requirements. This is followed by iterative development, continuous testing, and quality assurance phase. All the while, we maintain regular communication with the client, providing updates on progress and involving them in key decision-making processes. Additionally, we also gather feedback from them at various stages.

The delivery stage begins with training and knowledge transfer. Once the deployment is done, we stand by them with constant support services to ensure their experience is overwhelmingly positive. The conclusion of the project documentation also includes analyzing the lessons learned and best practices for future projects and conducting regular reviews to identify areas for improvement.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Needsoft Technologies? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Our plans have multiple dimensions to it. Implementing emerging technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, and 5G to improve operations, enhance products/services, and stay competitive is a priority, along with accelerating digital transformation. Streamlining internal processes, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency to increase profitability are on the agenda.

Branching out to related or complementary industries with new products and services to cater to evolving customer needs is also on the cards. While we engage in this diversification, we will focus on enhancing customer engagement, personalization, and satisfaction by tailoring our deliverables and improving support infrastructure. It also involves attracting, retaining, and developing top talent, fostering a positive work culture, and promoting employee well-being.

Going forward, we also plan for market expansion and increasing global reach, and we are open to forming strategic partnerships, alliances, or collaborations to leverage synergies, access new markets, and co-develop innovative solutions. We are also searching for investors so that our company's business expansion is 50X times more than now.

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