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NODE Technologies: Powering Sales on the Go

Tito Vatapilly,CEO & Co- Founder

Tito Vatapilly

CEO & Co- Founder

Selling is undoubtedly a gamble where deals are lost and won each day, but the inclination is more towards the former in most cases. There are many stumbling blocks that a sales team faces in its quest to sell more and increase the overall revenue. Determined to turn these roadblocks into stepping stones is NODE Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which is a luminary when it comes to enterprise sales mobility in India. The company has been offering sales enhancement solutions to some of the world's leading companies like IBM, CISCO, LIC NOMURA, Schneider Electric, Airtel, Lenovo, SAMSUNG and IDFC.

Incepted in 2010, NODE technologies offers SalesGo, a suite of mobile salesforce enablement tools that unify the power of mobility with the function

of sales. The application addresses most critical sales aspects like loss of leads, delayed speed-to-call, lack of visibility on lead status, delayed reporting, last mile visibility and lack of follow up. Thus, enabling organizations track sales performance, gain insights into their channel behavior and help increase sales conversions.

Node Technologies Supports and Ttroubleshoots sales concerns of 12000 on field users on 24x7 basis thus ensuring 100 percent adoption

SalesGo features three significant modules; SalesGo Leads, a leads tracking solution that improves lead conversion ratio; SalesGo DSR, a reporting solution that helps field sales team create leads directly from the field; and, SalesGo Visits, a visit management solution for those companies who drive sales through distributor channel. Being a Cloud-based application, SalesGo is inexpensive and can be integrated with other CRM tools for end-to-end sales management. It also features the most

user freiendly interface, designed from
the perspective of a sales person.

Catering to industries like FMCG, BFSI, Telecom industry, Retail, Asset Management and others, NODE Technologies has pioneered a Customer Success Model, a unique model which combines the economies of SaaS and the results of a Managed Services model. "Our USP is our delivery model. We ensure that once a client has signed up, they fetch satisfying ROI on what they have invested in. SalesGo is supported by a pan India presence of committed staff that trains, supports and troubleshoots sales concerns of 12000 on field users on a 24 X 7 basis, thus ensuring 100 percent adoption. We also engage in R&D activities on a constant basis and upgrade the product based on customer feedback and changing market demands," says Tito Vatapilly, CEO & Co- Founder, NODE Technologies.

Headquartered in Bangalore, NODE Technologies has spread its wings in Delhi and Mumbai but intends to stay compendious within the Indian market and focus on expanding in terms of clients. "Right now we are only focused on SalesGo and we are more inclined towards catering to more and more sales related problems on the field. As a product company, we just intend to make the portfolio richer and take it to as many industries and clients as possible," concludes Tito.

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