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PayKun: Collecting Online Payments Cannot get Simpler

Deepak Dabhi,CFO

Based out of Bhavnagar, PayKun has pioneered payment support for the small & medium sized companies and other startups who envision growth. PayKun’s payment gateway has been successful in changing the general perspective towards integrating with payment gateways. It had never been so seamless until PayKun arrived. In our rendezvous with the CFO, we get to know how exactly PayKun transformed the digital payments.

In conversation with Deepak Dabhi, CFO, PayKun

Today, we have some great improvements in the payment technology and its security features. Users are able to wave their smartphone over a point of sale device to complete payment without any complexity. Tell us how PayKun is positioned in this rapidly developing market with its payment technologies?
For most ecommerce retailers, payment gateways are seen as unnecessary workloads. Most merchants are troubled with the integration aspect of it. A good number of merchants turn away at the discomfort of integrating a payment gateway on their website or app. PayKun Payment Solutions Private Limited is empowering Digital

Transactions by providing a secure payment gateway service for Indian Merchants/Sellers of any sizes. This gateway in turn helps the merchants provide their customers/ clients safe buying experience. We avail over 120+ payment options which include various banks credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wallets to accept payment easily. Trouble-free fast-onboarding and Easy integration are two of the many essential factors that position PayKun as a key payment gateway provider in India.

PayKun allows paying and collecting online payment with ease with powerful payment tools like Payment link and Pay Button

What unique attributes does PayKun carry while addressing the payment market?
Given the geography of the market, hesitant merchants often refrain from adopting technology when it comes to payments. Handholding such merchants, we offer technical support and 24/7 quick customer support through chat, call, and email. While fast on-boarding is key, user friendliness is also something PayKun takes pride in.

Tell us about your products & solutions that are making collecting payments seamless for the hesitant merchants?
PayKun allows paying and collecting online payment with ease with powerful payment tools like Payment link and Pay Button. One can share the payment link with the customer via SMS, Emails, WhatsApp etc. and get paid more easily. The payment button can be deployed by generating an embedded code which can then be put on merchant’s website/blog and start collecting

payments easily. We provide the flexibility to create and assign user access based on their role within the company, and can customize it anytime. Money transfer into merchant’s bank is way faster than similar contemporary payment gateways in the market. It also allows receiving payments in less than 3 Days directly in the bank account. A merchant can get various tools to manage his customers, identify the unique customer and send them mail or invoice directly from dashboard. Post this, the solution allows tracking of sales data on charts and get peak on the business growth, and take necessary decisions according to it. The solution avails attractive charts to track the sales data on and get complete insight about the weekly or monthly sales, transactions success ratio, refunds and much more. User can generate various reports and get complete insight about hourly transactions, success rate, and peak business hours etc. Now a merchant can manage his/her transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements directly from one powerful dashboard.

Over the years, how has PayKun took a concrete grip in the payment solution market? What’s your vision for the future?
For small merchants having trouble with integration, our payment gateway is compatible with all major platforms. Quick integrations can be done with any platforms with PayKun’s FREE SDKs like PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET etc. Often, small businesses or startups find it difficult to integrate the payment gateway on their website or app. PayKun provides full integration kits with all APIs and SDKs. We also offer integration services for the website or App with its payment gateway allowing one to start collecting payment online. Our vision is to simplify payments for small & medium sized businesses, thereby facilitating equal opportunity to grow and flourish.

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