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ProEmTech Infosystems Private Limited: Simplifying Hospital Management Using High-End Technology Systems

Argy Thomas,Chairperson & Managing Director

Argy Thomas

Chairperson & Managing Director

Needless to say, the multi-speciality healthcare institutions operate with an elevated level of complexity with respect to everything from seamless OP management to hospital management and even business process management within the organization. It’s amazing the way ProEmTech Infosystems – a Bangalore based healthcare IT solutions provider makes this complex task look easy, thanks to its futuristically developed comprehensive hospital management systems. A woman-first and women-led pure-play IT company, ProEmTech delivers quality services aimed at maintaining the healthcare organizations as a technologically advanced and competitive entity. The majority of the developer and leadership roles are decorated by women, Furthermore, it follows DICOM Standards, HL7 Protocols, Medical Coding like ICD10 and other guidelines like NABH, NABL, which incorporates those aspects into their products. Through Mrs. Argy Thomas, Chairperson and Managing Director, CIO Insider embarks on an insightful journey into the company.

In conversation with Argy Thomas, Chairperson & Managing Director, ProEmTech Infosystems Private Limited

Could you briefly outlay the kind of proposition offered by ProEmTech? What sets it apart from other competitors in the market?
Basically, we are a data-driven company and being in the healthcare management segment, we deal with a bulk of patient data. But unlike most

companies that sell and use patients’ data for multiple purposes, we preserve the confidentiality of patient data. We have a separate database that manages data coming in from various resources, and we ensure the safety of such data. Since the creation of the first version of our flagship product ProMed, a healthcare management and information system, we strictly restrain from using the data for analytical purposes, even before the engagement of end-to-end encryption. Although we avoid direct interaction with the patients, the data that is encrypted, will be available to every patient at the hospital or clinic.

Could you tell us about your products portfolio?
ProMed is engineered to suit Multi-speciality Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and other healthcare institutions. The end-to-end platform helps in providing various services from patient registration to in-patient admittance, consultations, telemedicine, supporting laboratories, rendering imaging services like X-Ray, MRI, CT scan, maintenance of patient records, handling of billing, insurance claims, maintaining clinical records etc. Some of the unique features of our software is that it is linked to IoT devices developed by us, which enables interaction between our software and devices. In fact, our technology systems including IoT products are pre-integrated with our software, where all these devices can be tracked, controlled and managed by the HMS.

We also have a unique ‘Code Blue System’, UrgenZ. This system is mostly used for emergency purposes. Unlike other Code Blue Systems available in the market, this system takes only two clicks and about 5 seconds to trigger notifications to the preconfigured emergency responders. Notification’s in the form of Voice, SMS, email with details regarding location and type of emergency will be triggered instantaneously.

Anges is our smart nurse calling system, which has a lot more to offer than the typical ‘Nurses Call Systems’ available in the market. The Bluetooth and WIFI enabled system enable nurses to monitor patients remotely, record

patient data and share it in real-time, which enhances the nurses’ response to emergency situations.

We also have an attendance system called PresenZ with face recognition, Telemedicine system MIRepo, DoctAssist, DoctScript, reTour among other solutions that we offer.

What are the cutting edge technologies leveraged in the process?
We classify our devices as Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), which support WiFi and Bluetooth. We have not only adopted and incorporated HIPAA’s guide-lines, but we are also the early adopters of FHIR. So technology wise, our software is purely hybrid in nature. It can be installed in a PC like any other software, which then records the patients’ data and enables its availability on the cloud. Since we have completely migrated to the cloud over the past two years, we of-fer a complete system that can be delivered as a cloud-based service.

Since your company offers both software and gadgets, it calls for a lot of training and support. How do you take care of this aspect?
Previously, our routine consisted of sending teams to lend assistance for the hospitals across India, wherein they provided training and technical support. As far as the hospitals outside India, we have tied-up with a third party to offer on-site training and support for customers from Africa, North America and Middle East. However, ever since the pandemic started, we have halted our visits, and instead, we have created an internal video training repository that consists of detailed training procedures.

What is the future roadmap of your company?
A couple of years ago, we conducted a study by monitoring the movement of nurses within the hospital. We found that about 40 percent of their movement accounts to activities like carrying files, medicines, blood samples and such around the hospital, rather than attending patients. Therefore, we started to build a four wheeled autonomous robot, pRov. An automatic system for logistics within the hospital. So that is going to be the next big thing with ProEmTech.

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