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ProTechmanize: A Unique Solutionist in the Cybersecurity Industry

Hakimuddin Wadlawala,Co-Founder & CEO

Hakimuddin Wadlawala

Co-Founder & CEO

Since the business information is readily available and accessible to the employees, the privacy and protection of data is always a great concern regarding the kind of ways data can be breached. This is where ProTechmanize comes in, providing a holistic approach to safeguard, provide remedies and prevent cyberattacks, while offering end-to-end IT solutions to its clients. The company also provides digital hygiene training to employees of various organizations. ProTechmanize boasts professionals with experience of over 20 years across CyberSecurity, Information Technology & IT Security. On-boarding a consultative approach, the company believes in providing tailored solutions and services befitting their customers’ sophisticated requirements. Hakimuddin Wadlawala, the company’s CEO, engages in a conversation with CIO Insider.

In conversation with Hakimuddin Wadlawala, Co-Founder & CEO, ProTechmanize Solutions

Needless to say, the cybersecurity market has bloomed in the past few years and more after the pandemic. Where is ProTechmanize positioned in the current cybersecurity industry? What are the propositions offered?
ProTechmanize stands on three pillars of propositions. We Consult, Implement and Sustain. We don’t just take a company from point A to B; we take them from point A to Z. Our focus keenly leans towards SEBI and RBI

regulated organizations, as well as manufacturing and other industries. We offer support to companies like GMP that follow the highest level of manufacturing protocols to ensure compliance with the governing regulations. We also look into the basic digital hygiene of an organization to combat cybersecurity threats.

We start by consulting, discover what they lack and then help them to bridge the gaps and also help them sustain in a futuristic manner

What draws customers to choose ProTechmanize? How do you go about in offering solutions to a customer?
Just imagine the convenience, quality assurance and comprehensiveness of purchasing from a supermarket rather than from a Kirana store. We have incorporated the theme of a one-stop-shop to the customers’ needs and queries. We start by consulting, discover what they lack and then help them to bridge the gaps and also help them sustain in a futuristic manner.

We differ from resellers, who require negotiation power with the OEMs and customers. Our company doesn’t just sell products rather we are service focus. We first try to decode a product’s use case, which is often a challenge and formulate solutions that could fine-tune existing policies or controls and then have it incorporated in the product.

How has the pandemic impacted your company and how has been your response?
Earlier when we made customer visits attempting to explain the significance of cybersecurity, how-ever now we have customers approaching us, even before we approach them and this has boosted our company’s growth by multi-fold. So we regard the pandemic as a blessing in disguise. The pandemic has urged them

to incorporate the controls & eco-systems that we build over their process. Not that we deem their proactivity wrong in any manner, but the situation has made them act reactively to it. That’s actually a complimenting thing for us, wherein a customer straight away understands what we had been implying.

Describe the impact of your intervention. What are the basis on which challenges are dealt with?
The employees need to have the right awareness to handle the right product. Buying a product is one thing, but using it in the most effective way is an entirely different ball game. Quite often we come across companies that have already invested in the product, but when we take a look at the product’s effectiveness, they wouldn’t have even used the de-fault configurations. This itself implies a waste of investment. Hence, whenever it’s feasible, we fix and optimize the existing product or configure it in a way that can give the best output.

On the security side, the employees working from home with the convenience of an IT support team are easy targets for cyber attackers who make the most out of it using phishing attacks through mail, OTP scams, and whatnot. Thus, we train them online through virtual classrooms and make them understand the digital hygiene required to avoid a potential attack as well as the steps to follow after an attack. We also ensure that the users are recognized with certifications periodically based on the managers’ suggestions.

Going forward, what is ProTechmanize’s future? What is the company looking forward to?
ProTechmanize is typically looking forward to making its presence known across and outside India. Since we have already proven our capabilities in the western market of India, we now understand the ecosystem quite better now. Hence, we plan to in-crease our team strength while collaborating with cyber intelligence organizations.

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