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ProTechmanize: Quality First Cyber Security Enablement

 Hakimuddin Wadlawala,Co-Founder & CEO

Hakimuddin Wadlawala

Co-Founder & CEO

Based out of Mumbai, ProTechmanize is an Information Technology product and services company delivering avantgarde cyber security solutions. ProTechmanize focuses on providing Security Solutions and Services like API Security Testing, vulnerability management, application security, and assessment for cyber security. In a very remarkable manner, this cyber security solution startup has been able to add reputed banks and non banking financial institutes in its client portfolio in short span of a year. More so, ProTechmanize has been successfully able to retain them for consecutive years.

In conversation with Hakimuddin Wadlawala, Co-Founder & CEO, ProTechmanize

Information technology has made renowned progress as data is the key for improving organization drawbacks. How does ProTechmanize secure organizations key confidential data that is essential for them?
In the recent past, I have moved from being on the customer side to the system integrator. And eventually what I have learned after the shift from the customer side is that there is a huge difference between what the customer demands and what is being committed over on the table of a proposal from the providers’ end. The entire focus of ProTechmanize is to ensure that the demands are met beyond expectations or at least at par with what was promised to be delivered to the client. We are also one of the EC Council partners to train people for certified ethical hacker. We are also working with

a lot of educational institutes in conducting cyber security seminars. We offer cyber security training as a service where we have inhouse application for phishing e-mail and then capturing the data and posting users to take an online training for cyber securities, and have them certified. Regulatory/Standard bodies like ISO, SEBI or RBI or corporate guidelines enforce company to have such training at least once a year for cyber security awareness for their employees. Managed Services for compliance also forms a part of our portfolio where we manage clients’ compliance aspects. We also ensure the security products of our clients are well conditioned and nurtured through our infrastructure resources like Endpoint, Perimeter, EDR or other security products etc. This ensures that the clients know that they have the required resources on ground to manage the delivery requirements. Besides, at the end of the day, we ensure that there is a team ready to be deployed in case of a situation that requires support and manpower on 11th hours during crisis.

Tailored Consulting, Implementing and Sustenance approach for SEBI & RBI regulated companies

Tell us about the advisory advantages for organizations that are provided by ProTechmanize cyber security consultancy with regards to its ISO/ICE270001 certification?
Irrespective of what kind of data an organization holds, it is the responsibility of any organization to secure its customers’ data. The first thing we advice the customers to have is the visibility of the data that they hold in the custody at that point of time. Once we know that, we start with reverse engineering and understand the size of total data that they have or they connect, then we figure how they store that data. It can be in the form of database,or Excel etc. Eventually, once we comprehend the place where the

data is stored, we help customers to understand how and what are the DDMs by which they will communicate this data with various entities, and the methods used in securing the data that is being exchanged from one location to another. Moreover, when a third party or a vendor is involved, we sit with the customer to help them access the infrastructure that is being used by the vendor in order ensure that there are no loose ends.

What sets ProTechmanize on a different path from the competition in the cyber security provider market?
The reason why ProTechmanize is the preferred cyber security consulting solution partner is because we have people in our organization who have been a part of the IT security operations team in their previous organizations as a customer, so we understand What, Where and How things are required to be implemented and controlled.

Our approach does not only covers the compliance aspects, moreover we ensure competent experts are aligned to assess the effectiveness of Policies & Procedures and have a technical expert perform a technical risk assessment through a detailed Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing along with the experience of Network Security audit.

ProTechmanize has also developed a niche methodology for API Security testing. With our focused methodology for API Security Testing we provide the detailed analysis of packet and transaction flow from one end to another.

What do you seek to achieve in the near future for ProTechmanize?
ProTechmanize goal is to expand its presence across PAN India with a team size of 500 employees. At the same time we want to retain quality of the service that we give and we want the world to know the level of commitment that we provide to our clients. For me providing cyber security service is not limited to India, but to other countries around the world. At the end what we do strictly adheres to our values. And our values also form a part of our aim, i.e. to be a quality first organization.

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