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QiK Circle: Developers of Comprehensive Property Management Software

Tubby Kapur,Co-Founder & CEO

Tubby Kapur

Co-Founder & CEO

A flexible all in one solution provider and brings together all the strength of cloud technology with value added features. An organisation involved in providing new age innovative software solution to hospitality industry. QiK Circle is a technology organisation and meets every requirement of various segments of the hospitality industry no matter what size. Headquartered in New Delhi, QiK Circle caters to all aspects of the hotel industry such as hotels, motels, resorts and more. Tubby Kapur further explains more on the offerings and services and future of the firm.

In conversation with Tubby Kapur, Co-Founder & CEO, QiK Circle

The Indian tourism and hospitality industry have emerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector in India, growing at a CAGR rate of 16 percent. How is QiK Circle contributing towards the growth of the hospitality industry? In what ways is the company taking advantage of the above mentioned trend?
QiK Circle is the future ready solution to deliver fast and efficient guest satisfaction. Glancing at the present times and the future, the growth for Indian travel domestic and international demand side is increasing, therefore efficient operations is the first guest satisfaction method. QiK Circle works with a full operation in each department including the main frame of the hotel. That is the only way forward to deliver the speed of check-in / check-out and improve manpower efficiency by 10X factor and in turn reducing overheads by 30 to 40 percent.

Brief us about the property management software solutions and products offered by the company to hotels and other properties in the hospitality industry. Throw some light into the flagship property management software developed by QiK Circle.
QiK TechSoft Solutions, a Delhi based company is a full onboard technology company. The company is involved with the hospitality industry. Our innovation, QiK Circle is the Next2Next Generation Hospitality Technology that is intended to drive the hospitality industries efficiencies and cost controls. Further, we are a company which is providing a single solution for multiple resources connectivity in real-time. We are providing both hybrid solution and cloud based applications. We are also applying Artificial Intelligence to make our application more insightful. AI is also used to suggest our clients about guest’s expectations and behavior to manage their clients booking plan. These features make us unique providers of an absolutely new age and future ready solution that will be much more superior to the existing legacy property management systems.

We have a small but highly creative team and we believe in innovations and disruptions

The organization is led by a mix team of Entrepreneurs, hotel industry experts and IT professionals having very rich and diverse experience. How has the experience and knowledge of the team helped in solving some of the persistent challenges faced by the hospitality industry?
Our team is our strength. We are a team of over 45 people who are highly focused and committed that can go out of the way to deliver utmost client satisfaction. We are having a right combination of young as well as experienced professionals. Apart from this, the diverse and complementary skill sets of our team members along with our culture of out of the box thinking make us very unique. We have a small but highly creative team and we

believe in innovations and disruptions. Our mantra is ‘empowering customers for a better future!!’

Provide us with a few success stories where QiK Circle successfully implemented its property management solutions while meeting the requirements of the clients.
Hotel Chanson situated in Delhi needed a solution which could link their Restaurant POS with the hotel software. Our comprehensive software addressed all their requirements. They were empowered to access our hotel software interlinked with Point of Sale thereby increasing up to 25 percent revenue growth and 10-12 percent reduced manpower.

Matsya Vilas, Mandawa had a list of issues that were in priority to market them in a good position. From lack of remote access to PMS to staff’s time management, our robust and simplified solution helped them manage different hotel departments and improved up to 30 percent total operational efficiency.

What is the future road map that has been envisioned for QiK Circle?
QiK Circle’s strategic roadmap envisions a future ready organization whose growth is predicated on enabling hoteliers with new age technologies integrated with advanced features that are needed for long-term growth and financial stability. We are working to provide our server version of application free from any special hardware or software requirements. Apart from this our application will run on all kinds of operating systems. We have also launched our Self Check-In application for hotel guests to have no ques on the reception anymore. Additionally, we have signed up with three distributors namely - Mi-Shift - France, IGA MetaValue – Dubai, Flexo Lean Ingineering – Morocco who have world-class consulting capabilities with IT solutions to deliver superior outcomes for our clientele. Further, we are also having plans to incorporate artificial intelligence elements to give the guests a very personalized and smart experience also for hotels providing operational efficiency. In order to achieve this, we will be using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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