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Scraptap: Recycling Tech Producing Zero Waste Heroes for a Sustainable Future

Deepak Maurya,Founder & CEO

Deepak Maurya

Founder & CEO

Extracting raw materials from natural spaces requires large amounts of energy and causes pollution, whether it is logging a forest, mining for minerals or drilling for oil. Extracting and Processing these materials requires more energy and causes more pollution. Once used, the goods are simply dumped in a landfill or destroyed in an incinerator. When we conserve, reuse, recycle, and recover resources that we already have, we keep their value and shift towards a circular economy that uses waste as a resource and, above all, promotes a zero- waste future.

In contrast to our current culture of unsustainable consumption, a zero waste approach conserves natural resources and reduces pollution from extraction, manufacturing and disposal. Many smart cities are already working on ways and means of having best urban mining infrastructure with state of art sortation and material recovery facilities. Besides, a zero waste approach can build community capacity, support marginalized communities and protect community health. This is the next best step, using waste as resource. Based out of Hyderabad and powered by RNEI Resource Management Private Limited, SCRAPTAP has stirred the Smart City potion with their ‘5-Step Zero Waste Program’, which enables Organizations, Communities, and Institutions to be 'Zero Waste Hero'.

SCRAPTAP is connecting waste haulers, collectors, businesses, manufacturers, communities and recyclers to declare &

discover recyclables and transact with
few taps(mobile) and clicks (web-based platform). For scrap buyers, sellers and
waste haulers, SCRAPTAP is a platform that offers a connected market place for recyclables discovery, management, and movement. Unlike traditional channels, SCRAPTAP's differentiators are sustainable, efficient, cost-effective and real-time trade of recyclables. This consumer centric recyclables discovery platform can be offered as Cloud-based SaaS to Waste Management Firms engaged in direct collection, waste haulers, municipal corporations and cities. More so, their solution, UnWaste EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) by SCRAPTAP enables manufacturers to establish end-to-end ERP programs for all kind of recyclables. SCRAPTAP is also, working on developing its Waste Intelligence services under banner UnWaste AI.

"The SCRAPTAP team has been able to successfully divert more than 48,87,000 kilograms of waste from landfills through an established collector and hauler ecosystem"

One of the key benefits of a Zero Waste initiative by businesses is the opportunity for cost reduction. Through Hyper local recyclable discovery and efficient routing, SCRAPTAP is bringing down the cost of collection. Under their banner, this waste management enabler has two mobile apps for B2B and B2SMB market along with the aforementioned custom EPR solutions and Zero waste programs. By creating an online marketplace for recyclables, SCRAPTAP is digitizing the inventory of recyclables across different geographies enabling buyers and service providers to operate effectively, have better utilization of logistics, and increase efficiency in the process of recyclables collection. Moreover, SCRAPTAP is also venturing with major electronics and packaging manufacturers to implement their EPR under its UnWasteEPR verticle. So, far SCRAPTAP has majorly focused on FRMG – Fast Moving Recyclables Goods segment (a SCRAPTAP’s registered trademark), a by-product of 13 billion USD Packaging Industry.

Beyond investment in technology platform the company has designed custom waste management solution for various major manufacturing and retail brands. SCRAPTAP’s sustainability team is helping organizations represent their recycling efforts through real-time dashboards and ‘Quarterly & Annual Sustainability Reports’. “We help them dispose of their waste in a responsible way. Provide transparency in transactions, movement, and material life cycle assessment and visibility. Also, we provide zero waste to landfill certifications”, says Deepak Maurya, Founder & CEO at SCRAPTAP.

Numbers Speak Great Magnitude
The SCRAPTAP team has been able to successfully divert more than 48,87,000 kilograms of waste from landfills through an established collector and hauler ecosystem. Following this, the team has started digitizing the process with the first phase of technology development nearing completion. SCRAPTAP experienced the impact in terms of early success in further scaling their efforts to other cities and geographies. To talk figures; 74647 trees, 1668580 Gallons of oil, 17563996 KW energy, 30736993 Gallons of water, and 13173 cubic yards of landfill space were saved. The company is creating world’s largest cloud-based inventory of waste/recyclables through their market place. Starting next year, SCRAPTAP intends to start offering their custom waste management technology solutions as SaaS to organizations across the globe.

The sector is seeing enterprising revolution and becoming investment friendly after 2016 Solid Waste Management Rules/ policies have been enacted. SCRAPTAP has invested USD 90,000 in development of technology platform, pilots and research & development and plans to raise1 Million USD by May 2019 for expanding its operations to other geographies. Currently, SCRAPTAP has its operations in two cities(Hyderabad Metropolitan Area and Kurnool) and will be expanding its presence to pan India in 2019.

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