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Snapsec: A Leading Facilitator of Advanced Cybersecurity Service Provider

  Imran Parray,   Founder & CEO

Imran Parray

Founder & CEO

A 9.5% CAGR is expected to be reached by 2026 as the market for cybersecurity technology, solutions, and infrastructure expands from $240.27 billion in 2022 to $345.38 billion.Target based cyberattacks, which are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, the growing adoption for cybersecurity mesh, and the growing preference for forums with advanced cyber skills are the main drivers of the cybersecurity industry. The preceding decade has witnessed a rise in the magnitude and frequency of cybercrime that have cost organizations a considerable amount of money. Companies from all over the world have focused their investment on cutting-edge information security solutions to bolster their internal security infrastructures as cyberattacks have dramatically escalated.

Snapsec is a cyber security service provider for SaaS companies that are swiftly flourishing. It provides enterprises with a higher level of protection to protect important data and networks. provide immediate assistance to clients to fix security vulnerabilities and protect all digital information from any cybersecurity threats Infrastructure safety, application layer testing, and vulnerability evaluations are all included in Snapsec's security solutions. Let’s hear from the Snapsec team.

Tell us about the inception story of SnapSec and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far?
Snapsec is the culmination of a series of concepts developed over 4 years working in the hacking industry. This curiosity became a fixation and led us to grow into a team of eager, like

minded individuals, defending and safe guarding the internet. Within two years since establishment we have benefited over 150 firms combat serious cybersecurity risks by reporting over 1000 security vulnerabilities. Jira, Larksuite, Box, etc. are a few of the huge brands we serve. We also operate a blog which features well researched and pertinent articles on cybersecurity. Cybersecurity and pentesting experts at Snapsec assist businesses in securing their online infrastructure and resolving security related challenges.

Snapsec is a cyber security service provider for SaaS companies, offering enterprises with a higher level of protection to protect important data and networks.

Could you tell us the factors you take into consideration while suggesting solutions to the SaaS businesses?
If a SaaS-based business has a web app, we consider whether it is intricate in nature and offers a variety of features whether its product or name draws the interest of malicious people and exposes it to hacking attacks and its expanding client base. These are some general factors we consider when recommending work arounds.

Briefly tell us about the workforce of the company responsible for its success. What makes the company unique?
Our fascination with our business at Snapsec is the principal driver. Every member is enthused regarding their job, and operating with collaboration cultivates an environment and motivates each individual to exert more effort. One of the primary aspects that set us apart from other service providers is our competency, which we offer meaningfully in this industry. Quality has historically been a challenge in terms of cyber security services in the Indian market. The fact that we have penetrated numerous large corporations, like Jira, Larksuite, and

Box, serves as evidence for these assertions.

Give a brief account of your portfolio of solutions that have made a difference
For your clients?

For its clientele, Snapsec has launched competitively priced penetration testing services. The company offers continuous security testing services that protect the clients from threats all year round. We assist our clients' development teams in addressing serious flaws in existing processes. We under take penetration tests and vulnerability scans for infrastructure, mobile, and website platforms. We thoroughly assess the access control models for our clients and even check for logical inconsistencies that are frequently missed in their programs. All types of organizations can rely on and benefit from our solutions, however we have restricted our services to MSMEs. We frequently observe that small firms lack cyber protection safeguards and are at peril of experiencing privacy violations and other intrusions that could compromise their functioning and user information.

What are the future plans of SnapSec? How does it plan to execute them?
We are working on a few projects that will benefit the many stakeholders. We are developing the Snapsec Academy to educate developers in cyber security, which will facilitate them in deeply comprehending security. They will learn about hacking, phishing, and other cyber activities during the training.We are also developing a tool(free attack surface management for small businesses) that will help small-business owners manage their network and identify and evaluate online resources. Finally, we are constantly updating our attack strategies in an effort to improve the calibre of our solutions.

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