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Sunoida Solutions: Driven with the Vision to Provide Cutting Edge Business Solutions

Sukirat Singh Kochar, ED & CRO,  Suleman Dossani, MD & CEO

Sukirat Singh Kochar, ED & CRO

Suleman Dossani, MD & CEO

Data analytics has become the big buzzword over the past decade, with many organizations incorporating some form of data science into their operations. Banks are also no different. The advent and applications of data analytics have helped the banking sector streamline operations, optimize processes, improve efficiency, profitability, customer experience and competitiveness.

Sunoida Solutions, a renowned player in this sector is laying its expertise in providing data analytics and revenue assurance solutions to banks and banking regulators. Founded in 2011, Sunoida Solutions is one of the fastest-growing Banking BI & Analytics company in emerging markets. The firm is successfully led by Suleman Dossani and Sukirat Singh Kochar, recognized industry veterans who hold years of proven track records. Suleman is a highly respected and successful banker with a solid, progressive career of 30+ years in banking and business intelligence. On the other hand, Sukirat is a highly respect Fintech leader with 23+ years of experience in both developed and emerging markets. He manages Sunoida's global alliances, client relationships, sales and marketing operations.

Suleman Dossani(MD & CEO)and Sukirat Singh Kochar (ED & CRO) engage in an exclusive interaction with CIO Insider and enlighten us more about Sunoida Solutions. Below are some excerpts from the interview:

Could you give a brief account of Sunoida’s role in the software space?
Sunoida Solutions was incorporated in 2011. Today, we are one of the most rapidly growing Banking BI & Analytics company in emerging markets. Sunoida is headquartered in Dubai and has 40+ banking clients across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Our primary goal is to provide banks and banking regulators with innovative, cutting-edge, dependable Business Intelligence, Revenue Assurance, AI,

Regulatory Reporting, FTP, Cost Allocations, EDW, Data Lake and Data Analytics solutions. We have the ideal combination of banking domain experts and technology experts, with the combined knowledge required to succeed in today's dynamic business environment.

With decades of industry experience & years spent in research and development, we pioneered the idea of the data-driven bank. Our focus has been on helping banks realize the true value of their data and deliver tangible business outcomes

Tell us how your core team’s banking experience is helping the firm to stay ahead of the curve?
Sunoida's products are anchored on very strong banking domain expertise housed in its numerous centers of excellence, led by individuals with years of successful experience creating and delivering solutions for banks. Our team has a long lasting association with several multinational banks and has extensive experience handling large-scale implementations of Banking BI, Revenue Assurance and Banking Supervision products.

Suleman Dossani, MD & CEO

What are the benefits delivered through your flagship products focused on data analytics?
Vision EDW & BI, Vision Revenue Assurance, Vision Central Bank ADF & BI are our three flagship solutions. Vision EDW & BI supports the consolidation of entire bank's data in the EDW, resulting in a single source of truth across the enterprise. Instead of depending on month end reports, Vision provides automated banking reports & dashboards allowing banks to get a realtime perspective of the entire

organization. It assists banks in faster decision making and achieving compliance.

Vision Revenue Assurance calculates and compares expected income for each customer transaction at the bank with actual income in the bank's core systems to highlight revenue leakages. It boosts revenue and profitability whilst also improving the consumer experience with some clients achieving 7x ROI in the first year of deployment.

Vision Central Bank ADF & BI allows regulators to automatically pull granular data from each reporting institutions systems rather than waiting for manual file uploads. The regulator gains a realtime perspective of the entire country's financial sector and is in a much better position to conduct proactive supervision. Banks don’t have to produce regulatory reports manually, resulting in substantial time and cost savings for all institutions. This is revolutionizing the way Regulators supervise the financial sector. Our project at Central Bank of Rwanda is a shining example of Suptech high lighted by global institutions including the World Bank, BIS (Switzerland), FSA (Japan), Cambridge Suptech Lab (UK), and more.

Tell us how your services based on data analytics fulfill business objectives for your clients.
We give a dependable data analytics platform that enables bank teams to manage their business based on facts and actual data rather than gut instinct, resulting in significantly better business outcomes, increase revenue, profit ability, and improve customer experience. Regulators can control and regulate the whole country's financial industry pro-actively with realtime view of each bank.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Sunoida? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Our vision is to be the leading firm in the Financial Services Industry for AI and Data Analytics. We give our clients a competitive advantage by offering deep insights from their data through the use of AI, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, and BI. We anticipate that revenue assurance will be a critical priority area for banks in future, and we will play a leading position in this space.

AI will be a critical component of our strategy for future growth. We envisage AI becoming integrated and extensively used across all our products, bringing enormous business value to our customers.

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