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Techaways Consulting: Revolutionizes Business Processes with Intelligent Automation

  Vinayak Khadye,   Founder

Techa The Intelligent Automation domain industry in India is experiencing significant growth and transformation. As businesses strive to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and stay competitive in the digital era, they are increasingly turning to Intelligent Automation solutions. These solutions combine technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate and streamline business processes. In this dynamic landscape, Techaways Consulting (Techaways) is playing a vital role in empowering business organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital world. With their expertise in Intelligent Automation, Techaways is helping organizations harness the full potential of these technologies to drive digital transformation. By offering tailored solutions and services, Techaways is enabling business organizations to achieve improved productivity, enhanced customer experiences, and sustainable growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Let’s dive deeper and learn more about this esteemed organization.ways Consulting: Revolutionizes Business Processes with Intelligent Automation.

Can you provide a brief overview of Techaways Consulting's journey in the IT Services and IT Consulting sector?
Techaways Consulting is founded by Vinayak Khadye. With over 25 years of experience in Process Management, IT Strategy & Management, and Digital Transformation, Vinayak has witnessed the evolution of automation from basic workflow platforms to intelligent automation. Initially focused on providing IT and PMO consulting services, Techaways shifted its focus to Intelligent Automation in 2019, partnering with leading RPA/Intelligent Automation platform providers. They are now building an Intelligent Automation As A Service platform that combines BPM, RPA, and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. With the necessary skills, resources, methodologies, and tools, Techaways delivers tailored Intelligent Automation solutions to clients.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and the technology framework embedded in them that makes the company unique in the industry.
Techaways Consulting stands out in the industry with its unique technology

framework embedded in our flagship offerings. Our focus is on Digital Transformation, and at the heart of this transformation are our Intelligent Automation Solutions. As consumer behavior evolves, with demands for instant and personalized 24/7 delivery, pay-as-you-use options, and self-service features, businesses must adapt. Collaboration and partnership-driven service delivery have become essential. To thrive in this environment, organizations need agility and integrated processes. This requires three key elements: Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Integration. Whether through our partners'Intelligent Automation/RPA platforms or our own NEXIA Intelligent Automation As A Service platform, our solutions and services prioritize Automation, AI, and Integration as core components.

The company aspires to become a thought leader in the Intelligent Automation domain, catering not only to the needs of large enterprises but also to those of MSMEs (Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises)

Acquaint us with a case study of how you changed the scenario for the better through one of your services/solutions.

A large logistics and shipping company in India faced the significant challenge of reducing turnaround time (TAT) and human errors while improving productivity in their import documentation process. Processing document sets from around 80 countries, the company dealt with approximately 2,500 imports per month, each involving multiple documents and modes of transport. The manual nature of the process resulted in extended TAT, low productivity, and costly human errors requiring rework.

To address these issues, Techaways Consulting implemented an intelligent automation solution using a leading platform. This solution integrated key components, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management System (BPMS), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The platform featured an AI-enabled Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) engine that automated document classification and data extraction. A maker-checker mechanism was employed, leveraging the BPMS, to validate the accuracy of the AI-enabled IDP results. Once verified, the BOT automatically performed essential activities such as data upload into the ERP system, generation of custom documents, and email invoices to clients. This streamlined approach significantly emailed TAT, enhanced accuracy, and

improved overall productivity in the import documentation process.

How has your team built valuable insights from the market to help the company stay afloat among its peers? What products meeting with today’s industry standards, solve challenges, and provide benefits?
Techaways Consulting has a skilled and diverse team of Intelligent Automation experts, including Architects, Business Analysts, and Developers, who possess extensive experience in the Intelligent Automation domain. The company aims to create a well-balanced team that combines the enthusiasm and rapid learning capabilities of young professionals with the expertise and experience of seasoned professionals. This approach allows for the adoption of the latest technologies and the development of competencies in the ever-evolving fields of AI and RPA.

To ensure continuous improvement and valuable insights, Techaways is in the process of establishing a Center of Excellence for Intelligent Automation. This center serves as a hub for harnessing the intelligence gained from customer engagements, as well as ongoing learning and development within the company. By leveraging these internal resources, Techaways stays abreast of industry standards, effectively solves challenges, and delivers business benefits through its products and services.

What is the future roadmap for Techaways Consulting? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Techaways Consulting has a clear vision for its future roadmap. The company aspires to become a thought leader in the Intelligent Automation domain, catering not only to the needs of large enterprises but also to those of MSMEs(Micro Small and Medium Enterprises). One of the key challenges faced by enterprises, particularly in the early stages of adoption of Intelligent Automation initiatives, is how to kick-start their automation journey. Intelligent Automation platforms encompass various technologies such as RPA, BPMS, AI, and Analytics. Investing in a complete platform can sometimes involve paying for components that enterprises already possess, leading to insufficient returns on investment due to smaller-scale adoption. To address these challenges, Techaways offers Intelligent Automation solutions as a service.

For the MSME sector, Techaways is investing in the development of their platform called "NEXIA." Solutions built on this platform will only be available as a service, with configurable templates for common processes and tasks. The company's goal over the next five years is to completely transform its offerings into service based solutions. Techaways aims to become a fully automated, BOTs-driven organization, taking charge of client processes and delivering business process outputs instead of merely providing technology solutions.

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