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Tubelight Communications: Empowering Human Connection for Personal and Business Success

Praveen Singh,CEO & Co-Founder

Praveen Singh

CEO & Co-Founder

Tubelight is a multidisciplinary CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) provider. Tubelight Communications Ltd. is an ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified rapidly growing organization in the IT & Telecom domain offering a wide range of services to the leading brands in the country and abroad across various domains like Cloud Telephony, SMS, Mobile VAS and Call Centre Solutions. The firm’s vision is to empower the world's business communication at an affordable cost.

In conversation with Praveen Singh, CEO & Co-Founder and Bhanu Pratap Singh, COO-Director of Engineering, Tubelight Communications

Multifactor authentication is used by organizations to implement an additional layer of security that requires users to authenticate via knowledge, possession, and inherence factors to gain access to corporate and social networks. What innovations is Tubelight Communications bringing in to contribute to this domain?
Tubelight Communications was started in 2010. We are one of the top A2P messaging providers in India and have started to expand our services in offshore operation with the messaging and range of cloud telephony solutions such as OBD, click to-call, miss call, IVR, TCX Phone a lead automation system, and contact center solution. We are a global communication platform as a service with omnichannel solution support to the customers. Recently, Tubelight is deeply investing its efforts in AI, ML and ASR/NLP space for enhanced experience and ROI for our clients. We launched TextEdu(beta) an

analytics tool in that direction forward and we plan to add more channels other than SMS to capture and analyze user behavior and data for effective campaigns.

Tubelight platform relies on web token authentication that defines a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information between parties

Textedu which ensures engagement, consistency, and reliability, is designed to increase chances of getting most closed matches among your target audience by directly tracking clicks on web and mobile in realtime. Approximate details of the customer can be tracked along with product wise interest. With multiple activities on products, we are moving closer to the most expected audiences.

In multifactor authentication domain, we offer a product called G-OTP (Global OTP) where we ensure that user’s OTP message remains robust, secure and instant by providing multichannel support. OTP authentication service implies that if SMS is not received to the end-user, the user can pair/fail over with email and/or a voice OTP call and now also extend to internet apps like WhatsApp.

Right from inception in 2010, we are on an impressive track of growth by adding more power to team, expertise, and infrastructure. This has in turn added more value to clients’ money in terms of overall value offered, customer service, growth, and quality.

Increased investments in cloud technologies, enterprise mobility and increasing use of BYOD across companies will encourage the adoption of multifactor authentication solutions. What kind of products and solutions does Tubelight Communications provide to customers in

multi authentication solution domain?

Most of the enterprises have the significance of choosing the right vendors when it comes to OTP messaging techniques. If user message is delayed for a few seconds, one starts to worry. This is where we are ahead of the mechanism with G-OTP(Global OTP). Firstly, it can be difficult as scale over mechanism. If one channel is not responding for some reason, the second channel is there. Now, OTP message on WhatsApp serves as the additional channel. We call it multichannel supported OTP solutions. OTP is highly confidential information and therefore we make sure that when it is passes through to any system or network your information remains highly secured.

Tubelight platform relies on web token authentication that defines a compact and self contained way for securely transmitting information between parties. We first ensure our API access is all secure as WTs can be signed using a secret(with the HMAC algorithm) or a public/private key pair using RSA or ECDSA and even access expiry can be set in place. We work with top network carriers world¬wide to enable instant delivery with least possible latency.

What is your outlook for the company?And also what new and unique products will Tubelight Communications introduce in the near future?
We are one of the leading messaging providers with a giant share in India and committed to becoming preferred messaging and voice communication solution vendor globally. We aim for strategic expansion and integration, to make sure the customer gets the requisites in the least possible terms. After India, we are also expanding our business in foreign land and to start with this we recently have open our services in Singapore. We are also thinking of innovating products and solutions which are not yet there in the market. Most of the services in the market are offered as is, but we are trying to map that service in the form of solutions. Tubelight Communications’ vision is to empower the world's business communication at a lower cost.

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