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UG Infotek: Empowering smes to Thrive via Leading-edge SAP Business One Implementations

 Kapil Aundhekar,  Founder & Director

Kapil Aundhekar

Founder & Director

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools form the backbone of organizations in a variety of industries. SAP(Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) is one of the most widely used ERP tools globally. SAP software functions to benefit all kinds of businesses from startups to large corporations. It has been an innovator in revolutionizing the way people perceive data, maintain information, and achieve professional goals.

UG Infotek is a renowned player in this field laying its expertise in delivering business software solutions. The firm provides cutting-edge SAP solutions to small to mid-sized businesses, enabling them to have a 360-degree view of their operations. UG Infotek, formerly Guru Infosolutions, was founded in 2012 by Kapil Aundhekar, a visionary leader who evolves the strategic direction of the company while committed to providing superior consulting services in the Implementation & Support Activities of SAP Business One Affordable Power for Small & Midsize Businesses.

Kapil Aundhekar engages in an exclusive interaction with CIO Insider and enlightens us more about UG Infotek.

Could you give a brief account of UG Infotek’s role and position in the IT services industry?
UG Infotek, formerly Guru Infosolutions, is an SAP Business One Channel Partner company. It was established in 2012 and fast growing with its satisfied elite clientele. We are passionate about SAP B1 and SMEs. SMEs contribute a whopping 37.54 percent of our economy, employ 11 cr people, and contribute 40 percent of Indian exports. So rightly SMEs are called the Growth Engines of the Indian Economy. The projected growth of 7.8 percent for the Indian economy will be largely driven by SMEs.

At UG Infotek we strive to give more value to the customer against their investments in SAP B1. UG Infotek provides superior consulting services in the Implementation & Support Activities of SAP Business One. We offer a wide range of services to assist our clients in

managing their corporate data more efficiently and effectively. We are driven by the mission to deliver exceptional service leveraging our expertise and experience to provide the best solution for your requirements at an affordable price.

Our team understands SME culture very well and we know their pain areas. We implement SAP Business One solutions across various industries including manufacturing, retail, chemical, steel, trading, and healthcare, among others.

UG Infotek is committed to assisting SMEs to transform into big businesses by offering them a comprehensive, easy-to use, and easy-to-deploy ERP solution, SAP Business One

Tell us about your services portfolio that deems you a leading SAP business partner.
We have comprehensive solutions for large, midsized, and small, fast growing businesses across all verticals. Our products include SAP Business One, SAP Business One HANA, SAP Business Mobile App, SAP Business One Cloud, Addon-QC, E-Invoice Eway bill, Subcon, and so on. And our services comprise licensing, implementation, customization, support, and server hosting. We also offer services in WMS, HRMS, and CRM.

Could you highlight how you help SMEs meet their digital goals and why should they choose you over other competitors in the market?
We are Universal Guru UG in Providing the Right Solutions for MSME/SMB with SAP Business One. UG Infotek is committed to assisting SMEs to stay ahead of the competition by offering them a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy ERP solution. We achieve this by thoroughly understanding our client's business processes, culture, pain points, and goals.

And with our expertise in SAP Business One, we incorporate these into a system that provides a unique, unparalleled solution to customers that is a perfect fit for them. We have been rendering our services in India, the US, UAE, and South Africa for the past 12 years. Our USP is that we have a 100 percent success rate in SAP Implementation.

What are the major challenges you solve for clients and could you give an example supporting the same?
Sandhya Organic Chemicals, one of our

clients who had 5 business wings, had all data in Accounting Software, only accounting was there and HO/Plants were on a separate system.Prior to implementation, there were several pain points, including difficulty in coordinating & communicating HO & plant operations, priority order delays, and manual IDOs (Internal Delivery Orders). Getting inventory data from the plant and entering it in the finance books was tedious and time-consuming. Also, plant data was imprecise. Due to this, accounts finalization used to be delayed at the end of the year, resulting in hefty penalties. Vendor bills from the plant were also sent to HO for payment. HO was not sure about Material receipt discrepancies like short qts, damaged qtys, and more, which led to delayed vendor payment. Also, short qty and other info communication were delayed hence post payment. Again, adjustment entries were required to be made adding extra entries.

With UG INFOTEK SAP Business One Implementation all IDOs are created by HO in the system which is readily available for Plant delivery planning. Communication and coordination of HO and Plant regrind Priority Orders improved, resulting in timely material delivery to customers. Inventory data is available in real time with SAP B1. It reduced the redundant task of entering inventory in Finance Books. Also, Plant implemented the Production module, so inventory is coming accurately. Accounts Finalization at the end of the year is no longer delayed, saving hefty penalties. Due to the centralized system, Vendor bills at the plant are not required to be sent to HO for payments. HO is able to see info about Material receipt discrepancies. Due to this vendor payments are not getting delayed and short qty and post payment no adjustment entries were required to be made, saving the user time and entries.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for UG Infotek?
I started this company with a vision of making our company a top-notch organization by catering to the needs of our clients. We are committed to providing world class services at affordable prices. In addition to the Thane headquarters, UG Infotek has a new branch in Pune.

Our mission and road map is clear. We are passionate and have a strong commitment to SMEs in India. We reckon that SMEs are what makes our economy grow. But because many still rely on the traditional system, they haven't realized their full potential. We want to empower at least 500 SMEs in India with world class ERP, SAP Business One, which will help them to propel their business to the next level.

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