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Upside Cloud Technologies: A One-Stop-Shop for Complete Digital Transformation

Rajesh Dubey,Director

Rajesh Dubey


If cloud computing was a need of the hour previously, the pandemic has sure made the adoption almost inevitable for almost every organization – to take their office operations to the cloud. But then again, pressing the panic button and purchasing ‘something’ cloud is not a solution. It should all start from deciphering the exact requirements before getting the solution. Acting as a one-stop-shop for organizations looking forward to digital transformation is Bangalore-based Upside Cloud Technologies (UCT). UCT starts its engagement by switching on the Sherlock-mode to recognize its clients requirements and provides integrated IT solutions to IT & non-IT customers across the mid-market and large enterprises globally. CIO Insider interacts with the company’s director Rajesh Dubey to further explore UCT’s endeavors.

In conversation with Rajesh Dubey, Director, Upside Cloud Technologies

The global cloud computing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.9 percent from 2020 to 2027. What is the kind of role that you are playing in this exponentially growing market and where are you currently positioned in the industry?
The pandemic acted as a strong tailwind to the already blooming cloud market. Setting up workplaces on the cloud has become inevitable. There are multiple layers of cloud computing that are available to address the discrete, sophisticated needs of businesses and individuals. For instance, data storage, document storage, applications and software utilities, ERP/CRM/HRMS & similar applications, IoT projects, Artificial Intelligence projects, use of on-demand computing power and so-forth.

We at Upside Cloud Technologies have mastered and developed several

methods and tools that help our clients starting from meticulously scrutinizing their existing systems and analyzing & breaking down their requirements in phases to migrating to cloud and monitoring operations. We facilitate easiest & popular methods like ‘lift-and-shift’, which enables our clients to swiftly move their data & certain applications to cloud on an as-it-is basis, incorporating the changes required to make an application cloud compatible. In other cases, we provide complete end-to-end services to learn, understand, design, develop and deploy business specific applications right from scratch.

We provide a one-stop-shop, holistic 360 degree solution to all our clients’ needs

Tell us about your solutions.
We are currently working on developing a SaaS ERP for a Middle East based manufacturing company. This enables them easy customer on-boarding, flexibility to scale in a timely manner and according to the demand. We also feel proud to say that we have recently completed an e-Commerce backend supporting system for one of our European customers. There is a huge demand-supply gap in healthcare across the globe. Last year, we launched our own Cloud-based healthcare platform, UCHEALTH, which offers a grass-root level platform that incorporates every stakeholder within the system through its easy, seamless on-boarding system. Be it any hospital, clinic or wellness center, UCHEALTH can bring them online within just two days. To ensure hassle free deliverables, we have cloud-partnered with major giants like AWS and Samsung.

What are the challenges that you solve for your clients? What’s the unique proposition that you offer?
We provide a one-stop-shop, holistic 360 degree solution to all our clients’ needs, especially when it comes to data storage, data processing and data warehousing – both in the B2B & B2C segments. Providing a foolproof channel for information sharing & gathering that ensures information security & availability, we help our customers to focus on their core business to compete & lead in their respective fields. We engage with

subject matter experts to get professional help & guidance. Pimcore was one such application that was shortlisted by one of our e-commerce client’s team and was recommended to be used as a part of their ETL solution. Pimcore is a cloud based application specifically designed for Product Information Management that helps store & share product information from various sources and to share with b2b or b2c.

Could you share with us an interesting & challenging case study of one of your implementations?
Our core strengths are solutioning and implementation of complex systems at all levels. While we have mastered this art to serve Indian clients, there were some interesting challenges against us in the case of a multinational client. In one of our interesting cloud implementations, we faced a situation wherein our team together with client’s management were not able to finalize the scope of work as there were several legacy systems, documents, departments and workflows that had to be moved to cloud.

Our engagement started with just two core systems. However, as we proceeded with planning, the client wanted to add a few more supporting systems, followed by certain documents, data repository, and so forth. Realizing the growing demand from a successful business point of view, our team was intuitive and switched to a different strategy. They looked into all applications, workflows, user roles, access control, input sources, and external & internal data feeds, and then planned for a phased implementation. We completed 80 percent of the cloud solution within six months, and kept adding the rest as a part of maintenance.

What’s your mission and vision while going forward? What’s your future roadmap?
Our vision is to become a trusted cloud partner for our Indian and international clients in verticals like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce. A hybrid of verticalization and technology based approach is what our teams are taking up as a mission. It has proven to be a successful and proven way to assist our clients in migrating to cloud platforms and meeting their business needs. While we have already worked on healthcare and e-commerce platforms, this year, we are targeting manufacturing and retail markets.

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