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VIS Networks: Redefining Customer Experience Powered by Future tech

  Umashankar Bantwal,    CEO

With a dynamically growing technology landscape, digitally transforming the technology infrastructure has become a matter of survival for organizations, to say nothing of the constant need to improve customer experience. However getting this transformation right is equally important, given that most organizations have no room for a go around. This is precisely why expert help is inevitable. Remember, ‘expert’ remains the keyword here. It’s no wonder organizations choose proven partners like VIS Networks a Bangalore headquartered communications & customer experience provider that has been catering to variety of business across geographies. A 650-people strong company, VIS, over the past decade, has grown to become a synonym of ‘Trust & Reliability’, offering a complete portfolio of end-to end & customizable solutions strengthened with prompt & coherent services.

It’s been a journey of more than a decade now. How would you define VIS Networks’ journey in the telecommuni -cations industry so far?
VIS Networks was incorporated in Bangalore in early 2011 with an aim to offer distinguished technology services in the telecommunications domain and become a partner of choice for both customers and OEMs. We have always ensured that our services resonate with

our tagline 'Services Unlimited' and our culture.

Over the past more than a decade, our organization has expanded organically and inorganically. Today, we are directly present in all metro and tier-2 cities in India. Additionally, our international footprint, which originated in Singapore, now extends to the Middle East, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines, Europe, and the US. We are now a 650-people strong company headquartered in India with a well established foothold globally. So yes, the journey has been really exciting, and the future is promising.

We are now a 650-people strong company head-quartered in India with a well-established foothold globally

Tell us about your flagship offerings. What makes you a reliable choice for customers seeking Oracle solutions?
We classify our offerings into four major categories: collaboration solutions & contact centers, networking & cyber security, audio-visual solutions, and professional services.

VIS works closely with Oracle to offer best-of the-breed SBC and SIP solutions. Our deep product understanding and services model makes us a reliable Oracle partner. Additionally, one added advantage for customers to choose Oracle and VIS is our industry-first VoIP security offering.

Could you tell us about a case study of VIS' approach while offering services?
We believe in and practice to be in our customers' shoes. That's where our thought process even begins. One such

deal I recollect is where the deployed product had become obsolete in terms of OEM support. However, the end-customer contract, the government of India in this case, was valid for five more years. We worked with alternative OEM and designed a five-year services model which included an upgrade and guaranteed support for five years. We embrace such challenges and ensure that our clients are happy because of us.

How is the team built, and what measures do they follow to adopt and stay informed of the latest trends and market fluctuations?
Our human resource focus has always been to create a blend of experienced Trend readers who can keep the organization sailing in the right direction, not just with revenue but with an opportunity to groom passionate trendsetters. This has worked well to create a consistently profitable & continuously evolving business model. Diversification through skilling has been our key focus. Indeed, VIS has always been inspiring every one to become trendsetters.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for VIS Networks? Where is it headed for the next five years?
COVID has made us all think and think hard. We have already taken steps to be agile and provide more value driven offerings. Hence, amidst the rapidly evolving technology landscape, you will see our offerings being more bespoke. Furthermore, we will add more relevant products to suit the market requirements.

This month, we have announced our entry into the niche technology space covering Robotics, AI, and Automation, offering a one-stop-shop for a variety of customer technology needs. Going forward, expansion to emerging economies is also on the cards.

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VIS Networks: Redefining Customer Experience Powered by Future tech