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Visionbot : Driving Operational Excellence With Innovative Visual Inspection Monitoring

  Prakash Prabhu,   Co- Counder & CBO

Prakash Prabhu

Co- Counder & CBO

Continuous process and workflow monitoring are critical for smart enterprises. Most organizations with an Industry 4.0 strategy must engage extensively in Digital Transformation to acquire, analyze, and plan enterprise data. Visual inspection and monitoring are still significantly reliant on human reporting throughout all workflow operations within any Enterprise today. Human evaluation and reporting, on the other hand, are subjective and prone to errors due to weariness, inconsistency and non-repeatability. The video has grown ubiquitous in all organizations; however, all investments in CCTV or network video monitoring are employed solely for security and investigations.

Leveraging in-depth expertise in handling enterprise video, Visionbot's founders identified an opportunity to help customers with automated visual monitoring, workflow reporting, and better actionable data accuracy. Visionbot’s VSaaS model helps customers to use Cloud-based AI-driven analytical models that enable maximum resource utilization, high availability, and performance accuracy. Clients can benefit from the deployment and acquisition of AI-driven data with greater agility, sensible economics, and a streamlined self-service experience with zero or little investment.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Prakash Prabhu, CBO & Co-Founder at Visionbot walks us through the unique traits of the company:

What are the unparalleled computer vision solutions you offer and how would you describe the clients’ experience on the same so far?
Visionbot was founded in 2018 with the goal of meeting the demand for VIDEO-driven Digital Enterprise. Visionbot AI-enabled Computer Vision improves workflow process performance and increases an enterprise's overall operational efficiency. It regulate distributed visual sensors at scale in a cost-effective manner, analyzes

enormous volumes of visual data with artificial intelligence and sends personalized and actionable information to decision-makers. The most critical element of our journey to meet the video-driven agenda for any organization is bringing the value of cognitive 'Video AI to ALL'.

The possibility of VIDEO becoming the key driver of the creator economy inspires us. Generative Video AI will probably be the singularly important tool for generating adaptive video content to boost engagement and drive collaboration across enterprises and social platforms.

Visionbot distinguishes itself from other firms in the Generative AI space by providing a platform for video (rather than just text or photos) & is also capable of synchronization with audio to offer a complete package for the creator ecosystem

We offer one inclusive platform which encompasses Cloud Computer Vision, Subscription AI, Video Forensics, Cloud CMS – Real-time video streaming, recording, and retrieval, Cloud Storage and distribution (Media/Video Collaboration / Streaming), Edge SOC – Content Analysis, and GENERATIVE AI.

Acquaint us with a case study of how it changed the scenario for the better for your client, on the same.
Visionbot works out of the box, offers high performance in common use cases, and is constantly being updated with new objects and concepts. Auto ML Video Intelligence provides a graphical interface, allowing users with minimal machine learning experience to train custom models, in order to classify and track objects and events in a video. Major benefits that any enterprise can reap are cutting routine site visits, prioritizing activity, improving productivity, increasing profitability, reducing costs, and increasing security and activity awareness.

For example, a client from the construction space with several remote sites encountered an issue with erroneous Manual reporting of the count of types of inventories from an open stockyard to various remote

installation sites. They were able to eliminate reporting inaccuracies after deploying the Visionbot application, and their physical site visits were reduced by nearly half, resulting in the needed cost savings.

How is the team built and what are the methods they follow to draw valuable insights from the market to help the company stay a float among its peers?
Visionbot's founders have extensive knowledge and experience in VIDEO, CLOUD, and AI, ranging from technical development to market creation and adoption. The founders' team was brought together by professional contacts and a shared desire to create value via competencies.

The founders' team has the necessary experience in developing technology solutions for markets, developing Go to Market plans with early adopters, and developing large scalable real-time systems, all of which are critical for achieving market leadership in the growing VIDEO CLOUD, Computer Vision, and Generative AI market spaces.

Amit Chakraborty, Co-Founder & CTO

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Visionbot? Where is it headed for the next five years?
The world's use of video cameras has surpassed one billion in the year 2022. While the number is enormous, the future is staggering.

There is now one camera for every eight people. It is estimated that 13 billion video cameras will be in operation by 2030. In just eight years, we will have gone from one camera for every eight individuals to 1.5 cameras for every individual. We can aptly call it the World VISION Web.

Addressing even a small percentage of this requirement is an immense opportunity in the next five years. We at Visionbot want to be the client's preferred platform for the VIDEO Cloud, which is capable of providing video streaming and storage on the cloud, AI/ML-powered Automated Computer Vision, and Generative Video AI.

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