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Wissen Technology: Setting New Benchmarks in Technology Consulting

Anurag Sinha,Head - Banking & Finance Practice

Anurag Sinha

Head - Banking & Finance Practice

The most effective delivery of technology solutions is not just about experience. It is largely about the way that experience is used to decipher the sophisticated technology requirements of organizations and the solutions are crafted with a sense of future. This embraces the story of Wissen Technology, thanks to its best in class infrastructure and development facilities spread across the globe. Established in the year 2015 as part of Wissen Group, the company today has global offices in the US, India, UK, Australia, and Canada.

The company over the last two decades has carved its niche as an end-to-end solutions provider in Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Energy verticals; successfully delivering hundreds of millions worth of projects for more than 20 of the Fortune 500 companies in the process. Wissen’s stellar performance caught our eyeballs. We reached out and engaged in an exclusive interview with Anurag Sinha, who commands Wissen’s Banking & Finance Practice.

In conversation with Anurag Sinha, Head - Banking & Finance Practice, Wissen Technology

Wissen Technology was founded in the year 2015. As a pure tech player Artificial Intelligence experience, where is Wissen positioned in today’s digital transformations industry?
We have been very fortunate to have an opportunity to drive digital transformation with several Fortune 100 names across a range of industries. This has given us unique insights into problems faced by large institutions across the globe.

For most companies, digital transformation is a three-step process. The first step is the evolution of their existing applications and processes to a nimbler framework that allows them to build & deploy applications at a faster pace and is engineered to a level that provides usability and performance characteristics demanded by customers today. The second step is to start capturing relevant metrics across the

digital ecosystem that support basic data analytics to understand customer & system behavior, preferably on a real time basis. The third stage of the digital transformation evolution is to incorporate intelligent workflows. These have been made possible due to the advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence. For example, one could design intelligent systems that could recommend the next step to the customer, or unlock the power of natural language understanding to open up completely novel ways of interacting with the customer.

Wissen is well positioned to help our clients through all three stages of their digital transformation journey through our ability to engineer first class applications, expertise in data management & analytics, and know-how in building intelligent systems.

Wissen specializes in delivering technology solutions for ‘business critical’ problems

Your company is home to a wide spectrum of technology capabilities. What is the SOP in place to understand client’s pain areas and build requirement centric solutions using technology integration? Also, what’s your USP?
We have a practical and jargon-free approach to solving our customer needs. The issue with the existing technology landscape is that it is filled with jargons. Also, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. The technology transformation should be driven with the business need in mind. This requires a domain centric approach. An assessment of the existing technology ecosystem followed by an incremental approach to transformation is usually successful. A large big bang approach carries enormous risk and is rarely successful. The definition of incremental product roadmap requires engineers who have both domain and technical skills.

Wissen’s USP has always been our ability to bring both domain and technical perspectives together and provide ‘innovation as a service’. Wissen has several engineers from top schools on board who have held leadership positions in large multinational corporations and product companies. Their combined expertise helps us in driving sound decision choices with the client. Their passionate approach coupled with knowledge and experience ensures that we set benchmarks through our hands on approach in a world of ‘PowerPoint Presentations’.

What are the latest challenges that Wissen Technology solves for its clients? Tell us about the products and services offered.
Wissen specializes in delivering technology solutions for ‘business critical’ problems. A business-critical problem usually has unclear requirements and has to be delivered within stringent timelines without compromising the quality. This has been made possible only due to our meticulous approach in hiring and building ‘A teams’. Our teams take ownership of the client's problem statement and ‘get things done right the first-time’.

We deliver solutions to our clients with our expertise in core engineering and emerging technologies. Core engineering involves building robust and modern digital applications that meet the usability, scalability and reliability goals. Emerging technologies include solutions using AI/ML and consulting for cloud adoption.

Wissen has solution accelerators in the areas of unstructured and semi-structured data mining using technologies such as Natural Language Understanding. Our solution accelerators help significantly reduce the time to market for our customers due to our upfront investment in building the technology.

Share a success story about one of your implementations that has augmented the reputation of Wissen Technology.
One of the largest investment banks in the world leveraged our natural language understanding capability to help build a semantic search capability on top of their research corpus that consisted of thousands of documents. The solution allowed users to get relevant search results with queries in natural language. It was integrated in the client AI chatbot, to make better and quicker decisions that save them couple of billion dollars annually. The solution received widespread industry attention and was also followed up with a press release by the client.

What are the opportunities that you foresee and what’s the future roadmap set for Wissen Technology?
Wissen has established itself as a partner of choice with our clients due to our highly differentiated technology consulting offering. The emerging technology landscape presents a huge opportunity for Wissen and we are well-positioned to capitalize on it. We will continue to make significant investments in our solution accelerators in the areas of AI/ML and distributed technologies. The solution accelerators will help us deliver faster as well as demonstrate a practical approach to solutioning to our clients.

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