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WowExp Technologies: Amusing E-shoppers with a Wow Factor

Navin Manaswi,Founder & CEO

Navin Manaswi

Founder & CEO

With the launch of world's 1st 3D Avatar and Virtual Try-on App, WoWExp Technologies has taken e-commerce to the next level where Mixed Reality would be the new normal. With the unique app, any customer can see their personal avatar in 3D and try new dresses. Very soon, many e-commerce companies all over the world will offer WoW avatar plugin as WoWExp is about to offer SaaS to e-companies. Navin Manaswi, Founder & CEO of WoWExp, explains how the company leverages both, AI and Mixed Reality to take e-commerce to the next level.

In conversation with Navin Manaswi, Founder & CEO, WoWExp

There are numerous applications of AI in the consumer and business spaces. India has been witnessing growing interest of businesses to invest in the AI technology. Being an AI start-up in India, how WowExp Technologies grown and adapted to changes in this domain?
WoWExp is committed to create a wow experience for everyone, especially in the ecommerce space. We have been using the state-of-the-art deep learning technologies and mixed reality together to create a next-generation ecommerce experience. In a short span of six months, WowExp has worked on the

latest algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR to create a unique app on 3D avatar and Virtual Try-on.

AI has been playing the key role in the digitalization of in-store retail by focusing on personalizing customer experience for a strengthening business-to-customer interaction. How does WowExp’s product enable customers to have an experience in e-shopping?
WoWExp offers a unique capability for customers on the ecommerce platforms. We offer a mobile app named ‘WoWavatar’. After downloading the app, the user can upload a picture and get a 3D avatar for trying new clothes. Customer can try out 100s of clothes in a minute in Augmented Reality, using phone or AR goggles. This is an unparalleled ecommerce experience that customers can ever have. Moreover, we have decided to offer SaaS service which can be integrated with major ecommerce platforms all over the world.

With WoWavatar app, anyone can create their own 3D avatar in front of them

We have not travelled very far since Augmented Reality started operating in smartphones as filters and 3D objects. Mixed reality is a new step in the VR landscape that can be put across various applications. Kindly explain the ways in which WowExp is bringing in AI and Mixed Reality together?
With WoWavatar app, anyone can create their own 3D avatar in front of them. Additionally, customers can try new clothes and see 3D view of their avatar in those clothes. AI can power speech and gesture recognition capabilities to the app. AI can give realism to 3D

content in mixed reality. It can dramatically improve customer experience in ecommerce and retail space. We target to double the conversion rate for ecommerce customers and also to reduce the return rate. Furthermore, our over whelming ecommerce experience would gain attention of customers from other websites.

WoWExp is established at a time companies are significantly benefitting from AI integrated ecommerce engine. Being a company started in 2019, it is challenging to build name and reputation amongst industries. Could you site one or more examples on how your initial steps are recognized in the market?
WoWavatar has been getting huge recognition for its personalized 3D avatar and Virtual Try-on. It is a revolutionary app for many reasons. In the past, none has seen a full body 3D avatar in any app. We have been getting great responses from celebrities on Instagram and TikTok when they share it with their followers. This has helped us gain popularity on LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. We target to achieve 25,000 downloads and a couple of million views within a month.

Key innovations in the ecommerce space have earned notable benefits for retail industries. In the long run, proliferation of AI in ecommerce will certainly explore new paradigms of customer experiences. What future have you planned for WoWExp in the AI backed ecommerce sector?
We want to take e-shopping experience to the next level. AR based e-shopping would be the new normal of ecommerce and retail. Customers can see themselves while trying new clothes in various environments such as Dubai Mall and Miami Beach. We can offer VR store where people can come and buy directly. Moreover, exciting face filters are also offered to customers to stay engaged.

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