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  • Satyajit Sarker, EVP & CIO, OmniActive Health Technologies

    Satyajit Sarker, EVP & CIO, OmniActive Health Technologies

  • In the current world, technical knowledge and expertise are given, and this area has transformed into a service-oriented model. This has enabled the CIOs with time and opportunity to focus on the business and by realigning and balancing between outsourcing vs in-house or cloud vs on-prem structure. A CIO has an uncut role, which can vertically cross all other functions and departments. The right kind of balance & understanding of every single functional process and their current state of challenges is the key priority area of an effective CIO. Based on this, a CIO can take a holistic approach to unlock business values with untapped opportunities in the form of designing delivery platforms and business solutions.

  • Satyajit Sarker: Manifesting The Art Of Contributing To Organizational Growth In Line With Corporate Aspirations

The Modern-Day CIO & Business Expectations

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Ever since the Y2K, the role of a CIO has been under constant evolution. With the intense spotlight of COVID-19 pandemic, it, however, is not an ideal environment to celebrate the two

Becoming Future-Ready by Mainstreaming the Right Technology Skills

By: Jayanta Banerjee, Group CIO, Tata Steel

One of the better outcomes of the pandemic has been the greater appreciation of the role of technology in our lives and how with the support of technology we managed to maintain some semblance of normalcy

CIO of the Year - 2021

IoT-Enabled Automobile Battery (IAB) for Business Value Creation

By: Sandip Pradhan, Chief - IT, Exide Industries Limited

In the fast-changing digitized world, customer needs information in various formats coming to them rapidly in real time environment. Well-informed and value conscious customers want to


Convergence of Automation, IoT & AIML Helping CXOs to Accelerate Digital Transformation

By: Akilur Rahman, CTO, ABB

Automation of production, whether a discrete, continuous or hybrid process, has been evolving since Industry 3.0. Starting with electronic and software-based control of machines & processes,


Chief Data Officer in Demand (A leader who creates business value from data)

By: Ashwin Prajapati, Group CIO, Symphony Limited

The CDO was born as an attempt to create a bridge between functional leaders who need information in real time and the IT department. In a perfect world, functional business leaders


Empowering Mobile Network Operators with Wireless Technology

By: Christos Karmis, President & CEO, Mobilitie

The insatiable demand for wireless services has driven a corresponding evolution in wireless technology plat-forms to meet that demand and provide wireless solutions that deliver higher


The Hopes & Opportunities in the Coming Year for the Fintech Industry?

By: Sean Hunter, CIO, OakNorth

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact on most industries, but one sector that has fared comparatively better than most is fintech. According to a new study by The


The Benefits of Cloud Email Security

By: Murali Urs, Country Manager - India, Barracuda Networks

It has almost been a year since the entire world is battling against the coronavirus pandemic. Home and offices across the globe merged into a nebulous mass for millions of people.


Multiplying Opportunities in Big Data Analytics

By: Diwakar Chittora, Founder & CEO, Intellipaat

The advent of modern computer networks and the democratization of information has exponentially multiplied the amount of digital data being generated.

  • CIO of the Year - 2021

    As the role of a CIO continues to transform, more so in the aftermath of the pandemic, the conventional wisdom will no longer work by itself. The CIOs will be required to learn and unlearn in line with the changing requirements of the business ecosystem in order to continue to contribute productively to their organization's growth. It is also imperative to comprehend the fact that technology-intellect alone can no longer cut it for a CIO. s/he needs to know the business and have a sense for it. An analysis by Accenture had found that almost onethird (30 percent) of CIOs across the globe had non-IT jobs prior to their current position. Today, CIO is not necessarily an internal hire, either. According to the same report, in 2019, almost 80 percent of CIOs were hired from an outside organization. In other words, business acumen and a broader security sense along with other skill sets like interpersonal communication skills, market sense, and cross functional knowledge - all can be decisive in a modern CIO becoming successful. Recognizing the radical changes and developments in the Indian technology ecosystem and leaders within it, CIO Insider has come up with the yearly special issue, ‘CIO of the Year - 2021’. The list comprises modern day CIOs who have shown immense proficiency in adapting to the new normal, growing a digital backbone for their organization to function in the virtual world, and future-proofing their endeavors. The following list has undergone strict scrutiny by a panel of experts that include industry veterans & subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team.

CIO of the Year - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Anubhav Rajput: Demonstrating Prudent Knowledge with Prominent Execution Skills Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Anubhav Rajput, CIO & Head of Digital & Operation A technology transformation leader with over two decades of experience who is passionate about digital uplifting and its impact on enterprises
Gurbir Singh Bhatia: Portrait of a Modern CIO - A Technology Leader of the Modern Digital Era Redington India Gurbir Singh Bhatia, CIO A modern-day CIO who has close to three decades of professional experience and is more than just a technology facilitator for Redington India
Square Yards Square Yards Hitesh Singla, Co-Founder & CIO Hitesh is a dedicated engineer with insatiable appetite for product verification. Started his career as a Software Engineer, he has also borne stewardship roles in his professional tenure
Manav Consulting Manav Consulting Ishaq Quadri, Consultant CIO A senior IT executive with 20+ years of experience on Software Development and Implementation, Ishaq has expertise around Operational Excellence, People/ Team Management, and Quality and Process Management
Safexpress Safexpress Kapil Mahajan, GCIO Known for his sharp technical and business acumen with expertise in building and executing strategic visions, Kapil is a true Digital platform leader and early adopter of CAMSS
Vistara Vistara Ravinder Pal Singh, Chief Information & Innovation Officer Ravi is advisor to a board of 9 enterprises where incubation and differentiation is a core necessity and challenge. Being a global speaker, he has been travelling across the globe sharing his wisdom
Adani Group Adani Group Sanjay Kotha, Group Chief Information Officer (GCIO) With a career spanning over 24 years, Sanjay has held multiple IT leadership positions and has been an integral part of the growth stories for companies like Bharti Airtel, Bharti Retail, and Walmart India
Satyajit Sarker: Manifesting The Art Of Contributing To Organizational Growth In Line With Corporate Aspirations OmniActive Health Technologies Satyajit Sarker, EVP & CIO A certified global CIO & task master with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Digital Business Transformation
Shaju. P. Unni: Empowering Organizations to Advance Beyond their Tangible Goals SPU Consultancy & Trainers LLC Shaju. P. Unni, Global Sales Head A veteran sales professional and a motivational speaker currently serving as the Global Sales Head for a leading software house, and also the Founder of SPU Trainers LLC
Sunil Pandey: Setting 'Leadership' Benchmarks for Modern-day CIOs JWIL Infra Sunil Pandey, CIO Possesses 24 years of experience collaborating with culturally diverse, multi-geographical teams and multiple vendors in adopting a pragmatic approach & improvising and resolving complex business issues

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