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Shaju. P. Unni: Empowering Organizations to Advance Beyond their Tangible Goals

Shaju. P. Unni,Global Sales Head

Shaju. P. Unni

Global Sales Head

In the current economic climate, dominated by emerging technologies and the digital presence, there exists a lot of noise and clutter. Organizations are faced with complex business development challenges both at the operational levels, as well as, at the individual levels. This is where Shaju. P. Unni & Team comes in with a set of unique approaches to training and consulting which focuses on empowering business enterprises with the right marketing insights that targets not just the organization’s sales, but connects with each and every individual in the process.

In a recently held interaction between CIOInsider India Magazine and Shaju. P. Unni, Global Sales Head at Ospyn Technologies, Sales Consultant at Unity Infotech, and Lead Trainer & Founder of SPU Consultancy & Trainers LLC, – the seasoned sales leader with a battle-hardened track record in Sales since 1998, shares with us his incredible journey from a Sales Executive to a Global Sales Head in a career that spans 20 plus years. Shaju. P. Unni also shares with us about his deep passion for training corporate professionals.

In Conversation with Shaju. P. Unni, Global Sales Head at Ospyn Technologies, Sales Consultant at Unity Infotech and Lead Trainer at SPU Consultancy & Trainers LLC

Along with the tremendous transformation of business landscapes,

the role of CXOs has also changed in multifarious ways over the last decade. As a business coach, how different is your approach? What makes your service unique?
My Services are primarily focused on two areas, Sales Consultancy and Training. I help companies create in-roads to decision makers and close profitable deals by delivering the right value proposition. Value proposition changes with the business landscape, but the approaches remain the old school way.

When it comes to Training, we train the sales teams to learn the graceful travel from right prospecting to closing a profitable deal

When it comes to Training, we train the sales teams to learn the graceful travel from right prospecting to closing a profitable deal. We also make the CXO ready to empower, delegate and trust their Sales team.

What inspired you to on-board this journey in the business consultancy industry? And what were the initial challenges that taught you the basic lessons of coaching and helped you achieve the success that you had in the later phase?
I started my IT Sales career in 1998 in India during the Y2K bug wave those days. I came to UAE in 2002 and re-started my Sales career (IT) in the Middle East way. Over the past 20 years of career, I have served in the capacity of Regional Head Sales or Business Head for Large Corporate Groups and IT Startups. My Passion towards Training pushed me to start Training Services for Corporates (few years back). The journey from Sales Executive to Global Sales Head, over the past 20-22 years, was full of mistakes-learning-correcting and implementing.

Yes, there were many challenges along the way. It is very easy to train or give

consultancy to a beginner, as the belief system was in the making. But to train an experienced Sales person or a CEO, was very challenging, because the ego wouldn’t let new ideas come in. The Change was always challenging. But then, when the results started Pouring-in, I was accepted by their working pattern.

Today I train sales teams of IT Companies and I act as Global Sales Head for a well-known Software Giant. Primarily my focus is to enable companies and their CXOs to train-empower-delegate-motivateTrust, their employees and Sales Teams.

You also serve as the Vice President of a leading Software House in UAE. How do you manage both the endeavors and how does the software business experience help you in your coaching endeavor?
I am serving in the capacity of Global Sales Head for Ospyn Technologies, Sales Consultant for Unity Infotech & Trainer in SPU Trainers LLC. Managing was easy for me because I adopted the following system: Observe-Train-Empower-Delegate and Trust. Software Business experience helps me a lot in my training contents because there is much to learn on a daily basis. This year, due to COVID-19, our Sales approach had to be changed. We could learn what we did right and what went wrong. Hence this knowledge goes as a Training content as well.

In the light of your strong experience in the technology industry, what advice would you give to the budding CXOs?
Please spend 70 percent of your time strategizing and generating ideas, and only 30 percent on daily activities. Train your employees to the latest trends to empower them, and finally Trust them over a short period. In this way, the system will get into an Auto-pilot mode, giving you enough time to think of new ideas and strategy. TRUST is the main factor here. Have a process-oriented organization (Of course lean processes, not complex), so that things happen the right way without regular interference.

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