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EcoCosmo GPS: Delivering Web-Based Vehicle Tracking System For Fleet Management

Virendra Dhabale, Co-founder and CEO, EcoCosmo GPS | Thursday, 27 May, 2021
Virendra Dhabale, Co-founder and CEO, EcoCosmo GPS

With the advent of technology and breakneck competition in today's world, it has become imperative for everyone to adopt lean, smart, and efficient business models. A GPS is one such implementation of a technology that has transformed the transport and courier sector. To have a sustainable business, it is very important to have a happy customer which is made more possible by delivering products to the end-users at a faster pace using GPS.

EcoCosmo GPS is a specialized GPS solution provider and manipulator with enormous quality parameters, easy to use, simple and efficient applications and proceeding all activities in the area of GPS Software Product Development & Research and especially works for the development of all kinds of high-end GPS Software Solutions for various segments and wide categorization. CIO Insider engages an exclusive interaction with Virendra Dhabale with more than 15 years of product development, maintenance, and support experience on different flavours of Unix & Linux and Windows.

In conversation with Virendra Dhabale, Co-founder and CEO, EcoCosmo GPS.

Organizations today are well aware of the importance of leveraging technologies to have a competitive edge. As far as the logistics industry is concerned, movement tracking has become inevitable. Where is EcoCosmo GPS positioned in the industry as a technology solution provider?
EcoCosmo's main focus is on providing a wide range of VTS software solutions. The Customer base is spread across India. We have long since adopted the latest technologies it was just a few years ago when we adopted the AWS cloud servers and third-party APIs. We got the edge due to Third-party APIs to promote the third party application according to the domain such as cash van tracking, rental bikes tracking, fleet & logistic tracking, school bus tracking, and many more.

We have identified the importance of Android and iPhone App since the beginning as most end users prefer it instead of web portal login. The Importance and depth of Google APIs have been leveraged to get a wide range of solutions. Ubuntu platform and Message queues have been leveraged to have out of box scalable solutions.

A Lot of open source and python libraries have been used in the back end to get scalable solutions. The solution has been designed in a way to support multiple GPS devices types. For supporting a new GPS device plug-in at level 1 needs to change. It saves a lot of time and cost to integrate new GPS devices. It helps us to support or integrate 86+ GPS device protocols.

What are the unique outcomes that your company can offer that other companies in the industry fail to deliver?
We understand all GPS competitors as our clients and provide them VTS software licenses. Most of the companies require specific solutions according to business needs and we support the companies to develop such solutions by providing the basic VTS data to promote such business solutions.

We also provide a scalable solution to support lakhs of devices on a single server and Chatbot to support end customers. Localization support is very important as fleet owners always prefer their language. A Lot of new GPS manufacturers are launching new devices in the market, EcoCosmo takes minimal time to integrate and support a new GPS device.

We provide all kinds of GPS solutions such as fleet management solutions, school bus tracking solutions, and personal tracker solutions

Tell us about your range of GPS Solutions. How do you ensure the quality of your products and services?
We provide all kinds of GPS solutions such as Fleet management solutions, School Bus tracking solutions, and Personal tracker solutions. We are open to developing the GPS solution according to client- specific requirements. Ultrasonic Fuel sensor solution is very important in the national market. Diesel monitoring systems have a good scope in the length and breadth of the country. It is still in testing mode and will be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

We give special attention to customer support, apart from technical support various measures have been taken to get feedback from the end customer. Customer feedback gets filtered by the team in monthly meetings and finally, action has been taken every month to improve the system.

What are your future innovation goals?
We have different GPS servers according to client requirements Premium and economy GPS servers. We plan to support more than 50 lakhs of GPS devices in the next 5 years. The idea is to have a single server cluster for economy GPS servers. Further, we are planning to launch a good GPS solution for electric bikes and cars.

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