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Micra Infotech Solutions: A One-Stop-Shop It Solutions Provider Carving A Niche In The SME Segment

Chintan Shah, Founder & CEO, Micra Infotech Solutions | Thursday, 27 May, 2021
Chintan Shah, Founder & CEO, Micra Infotech Solutions

The SMEs, although is one of the fastest growing sectors in India, encounter numerous hurdles along the way, of which most are associated with the lack of technology expertise, operational costs and keeping up with the ever changing trends in technology. They often couldn't afford the luxury of accommodating multiple service providers to ensure smooth operations. However, these hurdles can be overcome with the right technology partnership.

This is where Micra Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. stands strong by being a one-stop-shop IT solutions provider, helping SMEs avail everything-IT through a single window. With a vision to excel and set new industry standards, the company shares its excellence in consulting and training through systematic research and development in compliance subjects. The company assures SMEs of risk management, service quality, implementation and recommendations that have measurable business benefits. Chintan Shah, CEO and Founder, takes CIO Insider into the realm of Micra Infotech Solutions.

In conversation with Chintan Shah, Founder & CEO, Micra Infotech Solutions

When was the idea of Micra Infotech made into reality? What is the kind of role that it's playing in the exponentially growing IT industry?
Micra Infotech came into existence in 2011 and is an established provider of integrated IT services and solutions. Simply put, we are into IT infrastructure management, where our business primarily focuses on cybersecurity, architecture designing and implementation support. As most of our clients are members of the stock exchange like NSE, BSE and other financial institutions who have their own IT centers, we assist them in running their real-time network, data drafting, cyber security, network management, managing their data centers, IT outsourcing, suggesting strategies, and providing the best suitable solutions existing in the market. We enable them access to highly customized solutions with scale.

What makes customers choose Micra Infotech? How does your company stand unique among other competitors?
Catering to the unique pain points and sophisticated requirements of our clients and customers over the years have provided us with a great plinth of experience with respect to their data storage methods, network security level and compliance requirements to fulfill our clients' compliance guideline. Although the market is flooded with plenty of vendors, Micra Infotech is unique because we understand our client's business and offer tailor-made solutions that solve their problems, rather than just selling boxes and hardware.

Tell us about your Enterprise Networking and Security solutions that you provide?
We introduced a secure multi-factor authentication VPN remote access to help workers and IT infrastructures, which helped in managing data on private and public cloud networks for companies that had closed their offices due to the lockdown situation. In terms of network level solutions, we have developed network security level solutions such as cyber threat protection, a specific Firewall solution to protect the network, ensure data security, and connect remote users on a secure network. When it comes to the server in the storage level solution, we assist with remote data recovery and replication.

Catering to the unique pain points and sophisticated requirements of our clients and customers over the years have provided us with a great plinth of experience

Could you share with us an interesting & challenging case study of one of your recent projects?
One of our most recent projects took place during COVID-19, when we had a customer who needed an end-to-end solution that included a protected unifier. The client decided to split their primary data center into two or three data centers, despite the fact that the premises forbade even IT personnel from entering the building. This was, however, a tough situation for us as well. So, we performed a long balancing of the entire data center into a virtualized data center, by setting up 10 to 13 servers and used VPN link between two locations, which enabled the primary data set-up to reflect on the mirroring of the entire infrastructure into a virtualized infrastructure and this was done within a matter of four days. The virtualization tools we used to integrate for clients are mainly VMware or Hyper-V that enables organizations to realize cost savings through server consolidation and improve operating expenses through automation.

Going forward what are the opportunities that you foresee in the market?
Given the COVID situation, we're seeing a lot of niche business opportunities. In the near future, 80 percent of our stock broker clients expect to create or open two data centers, with one within Mumbai and the other in another suitable location. We will build our own data center for those who choose not to go into Cloud directly due to many reasons such as compliance restrictions, concerns regarding data privacy & confidentiality and those cannot afford or spend a large sum for five or ten servers. We will invest in them and provide services in exchange for their server subscription. We want to help those customers who wish to establish their own co-working facilities as well as help them in case a primary setting goes down.

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