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MN Engineering Solutions: A Unique Optimization Solution For Manufacturing Industry

Naresh, Co-Founder & President, MN Engineering Solutions | Thursday, 9 September, 2021
Naresh, Co-Founder & President, MN Engineering Solutions

With the pressure asserted by the dynamically growing technologies and the need to become a part of Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry can’t afford to miss-out on any opportunity to optimize their inhouse resources. MN Engineering Solutions (MNES)is an engineering solutions company specialized in and committed to providing innovative solutions using new age technology and industry 4.0 concepts to optimize product development and engineering process. MNES takes care of the entire lifecycle of the design process by interacting with its clients’ teams across the globe, thanks to a specialized team of experts having more than five decades of experience in rendering the best of design, fabrication, prototyping, manufacturing, supply chains, and engineering solutions. The cumulative experience coupled with the extreme passion of its team accounts for the development of several novel solutions like Digital Twin & Adhesive Engineering, and in turn the company’s success within a short period of time. CIO Insider is interviewing the man at the helm of MNES, Naresh Arunagiri.

In conversation with Naresh, Co-Founder & President, MN Engineering Solutions

The engineering sector is the largest of the industrial sectors in India. Going forward, the opportunities for IT facilitators are humongous, since the turnover of the capital goods industry is fore casted to reach $ 115.17 billion by 2025. As a technology solutions provider, where is MNES positioned in the current engineering solutions industry?
The first industrial revolution was in 1760, while the second one was in 1840! But since the third industrial revolution in the 1950s, we have gone through the fourth and the fifth in shut-eye time, thanks to the introduction of semiconductors and computers. The manufacturing companies are innovating like never before and will continue to do so as a survival instinct. MNES is positioned to be part of this innovation ecosystem.

The Engineering Services companies customarily depended on manpower and cost arbitrage for business continuity, but we believe that our technology solutions will help our clients to be in the forefront of change. Our focus lies in the areas like Digital Twin, Adhesive Engineering, and IIoT, coupled with regular engineering support services using CAD and other tools.

How would you improve the total cost of ownership for clients? Given the advantage of technology, how smart are your solutions?
We offer several solutions that are new to the market, creating a significant impact on total product cost. One of them is the ‘Digital Twin’ solution. There are only a handful of companies that provide this option during product development. It enables clients to save 30 percent of the cost and time by applying the concept of Virtual Commissioning. We’ve successfully completed projects in the US and Europe using this process, and we’re proud to be one of the leading Digital Twin solution providers in India.

Another solution we’ve introduced to the industry is ‘Adhesive Engineering’. This technology aims to replace all traditional fasteners and welding on the structural components of various vehicles and machines with adhesive bonds. There’s a lot of engineering involved, but we undoubtedly have a team of experienced and skilled engineers to accomplish the task. Also, our IIoT Solutions can bring-down maintenance and warranty costs, while simultaneously improving customer experience. Every one of these is a ‘SMART’solution

Tell us about the latest industrial challenges that your products solve for organizations? Also, your company acts as a one-stop-shop when it comes to providing solutions. How wide is the range of your offerings?
For any industry, time is money. This is especially true in product development. The faster you bring the product to the market, the faster you make money. Digital Twin was introduced for the sole purpose of accomplishing this to help foresee the future of a product by asking several questions through a Digital Twin module: How fast can you commission a machine? How can you validate the product? When will the product fail?.

Senthil Kumar Deivasigamany, Director- Advisory Board

The major challenge is to predict the future of a product before it is even fully developed. Achieving this capability saves a lot of time and helps to hit the market sooner. However, for a holistic use of the 'Digital Twin' concept, one needs to merge core mechanical and electrical engineering with electronics and software skills like AI and Automation. Our solution can extend to cover all these areas depending on the client's needs.

Our IIOTsolutions can bring-down maintenance and warranty costs, while simultaneously improving customer experience

Along with that, being a one-stop-shop solutions provider, we also take care of the entire New Product Development(NPD) cycle with our expert team, effectively removing the burden from the customer.

Madhan Kumar Paramahamsan, Co-Founder& President Engineering

What is the most challenging deployment that you have done recently and ended-up with a Wow from the customer? Could you tell us the story?
It was during the pandemic. We had just implemented a crucial and an extremely time-bound project. The customer was well-known for developing special-purpose machines and they had just received a huge order. Hence, they wanted it to be functionally designed, manufactured, and installed within a time frame of just three months. In order to virtually commission their machine and deliver the project on time, MNES had to develop a fully ‘simulatable’ model. The designing phase itself took two months and we needed to start developing the program and commission it virtually before the physical machine was ready. We were able to implement a strategy using the Digital Twin model, tweaking-up the program before it was fully assembled. It only took us a short while to validate and deliver the assembled machine post manufacturing process. It was a game changer for MNES and our customer.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? What is MNES’ future roadmap?
Adaptation is crucial to building a future. There’s huge potential for the solutions we provide, and we see ourselves as leaders in the implementation of Digital Twin, Adhesive Engineering and IIoT solutions. We’re working towards developing an ‘MNES Digital Twin Framework’, and aim to incorporate AI platforms to expand this technology across many industries.

Simultaneously, the demand for adhesive engineering is spreading rapidly across vehicle industries right now. Everyone wants to improve their power-to-weight ratio, and we at MNES have the perfect solution to cater to those needs. As we grow, MNES will have sustaining engineering capabilities as well as innovative products to create for and adapt to the global future.

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