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SigmaTEK Systems: One-Stop-Shop Software Solution For Professional Fabricators To Increase ROI

Sandeep Srivastava, Managing Director - South Asia, South- East Asia, & Middle East, SigmaTEK Systems | Friday, 18 June, 2021
Sandeep Srivastava, Managing Director - South Asia, South- East Asia, & Middle East, SigmaTEK Systems

The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for the manufacturing industry, as it propelled the organizations to adopt innovative operating models, business processes and new digital technologies. But besides technology making the manufacturing process seamless, reducing the operational costs and wastage of raw materials is still the stretch that wins you games and helps organizations to be at a commanding position to tap into the humongous Industry 4.0 opportunities.

The growing global industry 4.0 market, which is pegged at $101.69 billion in 2020, is projected to reach $337.10 billion in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 16.4 percent. Making sure that the manufacturing industry doesn’t miss out on this golden market opportunity is SigmaTEK Systems – a leading global provider of innovative end-to-end CAD/CAM software solutions. With ground breaking solutions like SigmaNEST, the company helps professional fabricators increase ROI by optimizing material utilization, machine motion, manpower, and data management. CIO Insider interviews Sandeep Srivastava, SigmaTEK’s director for South Asia, South- East Asia, and Middle East.

In conversation with Sandeep Srivastava, Managing Director – South Asia, South- East Asia, & Middle East, SigmaTEK Systems

As a leading nesting solutions provider in the industry, how does SigmaTEK set the perfect benchmarks?
SigmaTEK creates benchmarks in several ways. Most importantly, we have a wide variety of nesting samples that we use to run nesting tests for quality. Secondly, we have created an atmosphere wherein our customers enjoy giving us new and challenging test cases for us to evaluate for creating nesting benchmarks. At the last FABTECH meeting, we even created a booth setup where we gave prizes for anyone who could manually nest better than our nesting engine!

What makes SigmaNEST Software unique? Tell us about its salient features.

One of the predominant aspects that make SigmaNEST unique is the hundreds of features that we have incorporated in it. We can classify those features into five groups: Material, Motion, Manpower, Manage, and Machines. In each of these five Ms, SigmaNEST offers advanced features for greater efficiency and productivity. When it comes to Material use, SigmaNEST ensures better nesting and remnant strategy, while it also secures faster programming and cutting execution as far as motion is concerned. Furthermore, in addition to managing the integration of data across the business, SigmaNEST also helps significantly in managing the manpower through ergonomic solutions and automation. Above all, it offers a single platform to drive all your machines.

How do you contribute to the smart factory concept? Tell us about the solutions that your company offers.
We offer our customers the ‘Connected Shop’ solution. We do this to provide a single source for everything, allowing customers to manage critical business data from inventory, transactions, customers, suppliers, job status – all from one location. The credit goes to the design of the solution. We create the ‘Connected Shop’ with a suite of applications that allow each part of the company to share data, work together seamlessly, and add value at each point in the workflow.

How would you describe your customer support infrastructure?
Our goal is to provide the best possible user experience within the industry. Our extensive technical network is dedicated and well-trained to provide our customers with easy-to-access, and highly effective technical support. Customers get exclusive access to customer portal, software downloads, and knowledge based articles etc. Alongside, we also provide them with online technical support, telephone support, TeamViewer access, expert onsite visits and much more. Customers also get benefits including the latest software upgrades and enhancements that are developed and delivered according to the requests and feedback in the future releases. The additional benefits of software license protection and support charter help customers grow with Cambrio – SigmaTEK.

We create the ‘connected shop’ with a suite of applications that allow each part of the company to share data, work together seamlessly, and add value at each point in the workflow

Could you give further in-sights into these offerings by explaining the business outcomes achieved by your clients recently?
Sure. One of the railway vendors from Chakan, Pune, saved more than 15 percent of material in every project they did with SigmaNEST software. Another client, a PEB giant from Ahmedabad, could list down a significant number of reasons to use SigmaNEST, as they saved material, nesting time, machining time through functions like automatic drilling, best mixed sheet utilization, and updating any program without disturbing other parts. It drastically saved their production time with comparison to the other software they were using for each machine.

What’s SigmaTEK’s future roadmap?
Our future is bright and clear. We continue to create innovative end-to-end software solutions to help professional fabricators win. This is because we can see a world where fabricators are completely confident that they are optimizing the use of materials, manpower, machines, motion, and manufacturing systems and data – for their entire connected shop.

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