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QR Net Solutions: Maximizing Business Growth with Customizable & Affordable ERP Solutions

Dheeraj Sharma, ERP Consultant, QR Net Solutions | Friday, 24 July, 2020
Dheeraj Sharma, ERP Consultant, QR Net Solutions

In today’s multifaceted business world it is vital for business owners to choose the right ERP software application for their organization and take it to multiple levels of growth. Coming with a rich experience of more than 15 years in medium and large scale corporate enterprises, Dheeraj Sharma launched QR Net Solutions with a vision to serve as a strategic ERP partner in the Small and Medium market segment. Dheeraj Sharma further elaborates about his company’s diversified ERP software solutions in details mentioned below.

In conversation with Dheeraj Sharma, ERP Consultant, QR Net Solutions

A number of factors are deemed to be shaping up the future of ERP solutions in India as well as globally. What made QR Net to establish its services in the domain of ERP Solution providers? How is QR Net placed in the market?
In the ERP software Sales segment, I have more than 15 years of experience. What I noticed after accumulating over 15 years of experience in the corporate sector is that more than 70 percent of the organizations in the SME segment are using Tally ERP Accounting software, which is good solution for micro and small business enterprises As these organizations grow, they encounter business complexities such as handling of multi branch operation or complex manufacturing processes, at which time they feel the necessity of a Complete ERP Package to manage their business. After thorough study of market, we feel that there is a lot of gap in accurate understanding required for selection of ERP as per business requirement. We are fulfilling that gap in the market and suggest best suitable ERP as per business processes, organizational requirements and budget constraints in the of organization. Selection of appropriate ERP is not a daily activity. A good selection of ERP can take care of business complexities in the next 8-10 years with ease. We are associated with multiple ERP organizations so our main task is to analyze the requirement of our client thoroughly before coming up with an appropriate ERP Software Solution which shall be best suit the client.

ERP vendors are providing end-to-end ERP software solutions that integrate all systems under

one platform. What are the various products and services QR Net provides to the customers?
There are lots of ERP software available in market that provide end to end solution. But most of ERP solutions do not cater CRM and HRMS module in the same way as they cater requirements of core segment of ERP. Apart from these core segment of ERP’s. QR Net Solutions also has the CRM Software and complete HRMS software application with Pay roll because any business owner would want a comprehensive, all encompassing software solution for his organization. We help our client and suggest best suitable ERP solution integrating all their requirements. We have multiple ERP options at our disposal to choose from. Some of them are Cloud-based, some of them are desktop applications, while some others cater to specific business segment like manufacturing, distribution, trading and those related with services segment exclusively.

ERP scenario in India is witnessing a rapid growth. A number of manufacturing firms, automotive, steel, oil etc companies have already implemented ERP. With a rapid growth in the market what are some of the challenges you face to meet the expectation of the customers?
The first challenge is that the Clients are sometimes confused due to availability of multiple ERP solution with each claiming a perfect ERP model. Second, the clients have a long list of requirements which they do not find in the software available in the market. Furthermore, they are also unwilling to make sufficient provisions in their budget plan to accommodate these requirements . The end result is that most clients finalize a low budget ERP and feel cheated once they come to know the real capabilities of such low budget ERPs. Third challange is the inertia on the part of some staff members to change the present primitive accounting software installed with the organization, which they have been using since a long period and seem to have gained certain confidence and proficiency in using.

A good selection of ERP can take care of business complexities in the next 8-10 years with ease

Share one of your success stories that have made QR Net well received in the market?
Recently we closed an ERP order for a reputed manufacturing company. The challenge was that our client had already seen the demo(s) of some other reputed ERP Software companies. Hence they were in a little dilemma as to which one is the most appropriate for their organization. Afer thorough study of client’s requirement we suggest the best suitable ERP for them at a cost which was almost half of that offered to client for ERP software seen previously. We presented a comparsion of features and budget chart of multiple ERPs. The Client verified the solution we suggest from independent sources and finally, rewarded us with the work order.

As there is a huge change in the way the business were conducted in the domain of ERP Solutions, what future have you conceived for QR Net in the coming years?
Right now we are putting more efforts on-the Consulting and sales part of the ERP software. Subsequently, we will come into the implemention of ERP also. This is also an important aspect in the post sales cycle.

After the lockdown period, we will be ready with a team for implementation. They will be ready with the technical side of implementation.

We look forward to meeting the requirement of the industry, particularly of the SME segment, by providing valued services in selection of appropriate ERP solutions by our clients thus helping them to achieve the business objectives in their respective fields.

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