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Vidyayug Soft Technologies: Giving Educational Sector a Technological Turn

N.V. Aravind, Director of Operations, Vidyayug Soft Technologies | Tuesday, 23 June, 2020
N.V. Aravind, Director of Operations, Vidyayug Soft Technologies

Being an education technology provider, Vidyayug builds products and services that use open source technology to build solutions that generate opportunities for educational institutions. Founded in 2009, Vidyayug is driven by a team of experts in building the next generation of technology. Keeping education at focus, the director of company will explain us how they support the education community with products and services.

In conversation with N.V. Aravind, Director of Operations, Vidyayug Soft Technologies

What inspired you to establish a company in this crucial domain of education technology? Kindly narrate the inception story of Vidyayug Soft Technologies. How has your two-decade long work experience across various industries helped you to lay the foundation of the company?
The idea is to bring an affordable, robust, plug-and-play online education platform for supporting Indian educational needs of all learners from elementary school, middle, high school all the way to higher education and certification. The founders were inspired by the experience of building sophisticated online learning tools for-profit colleges in the US. These tools supported millions of students over the last decade. Whereas for India, the journey is to build these tools began in earnest by hiring two developers. The vast experience of founder in leading and guiding companies and teams in technical aspects helped to build a sustainable and efficient architecture for the product and it also helped to build a very effective team who can envision the goal.

Brief us about the various learning development solutions rendered by Vidyayug through which it is helping small schools and education institutions.
The three main products offered by Vidyayug in the domain of education are G-Campus, g-Openlms and Orthotraining. Considering the needs of Indian education system G-Campus is designed to be affordable, robust, plug and play, and served-based on Software as a service model. Its plug and play architecture provide significant flexibility to integrate with other tools that any education institute may need now and in the future. G-campus caters to the needs of all the stake holders of any education institution - students, faculty, parents,

administrators and provides intuitive and personalized content.

Company in collaboration supporting open source learning management system called Sakai. This open source learning management system is being used by over 350 universities worldwide. Subsequently, Vidyayug built an open LMS app called gOpen-LMS that is now being used by students and faculty across many universities on all the continents.

Othotraining is built in collaboration which is a dental training platform that provides Orthodontics courses to various dental schools in the US. Orthrotraining courses are designed to follow neuroscientific principles of learning. Students interact with important concepts of online presentations by answering embedded quiz questions in a detailed presentation.

Enlighten us about the flagship all-in-one platform products offered by Vidyayug Technologies to various educational institutions. In what ways are the products enhancing their efficiency levels?
Our flagship product called G-Campus is a portal that allows schools to replace their traditional website and provide an integrated, collaborative environment for all the stakeholders. This tool improves the overall interactions of all stakeholders while setting them up for future.

Vidyayug worked with collaborative partners in the US to support over 40 universities that relied on Sakai LMS

G-Campus come with an enhanced content management system where institutions can improve their efficiency of providing information to different stake holders. Students get benefited with 24/7 availability of course information, take online classes, quiz and assignments, update skills through collaborative learning, send grievances to teachers and management any time. Keep track of all events happening in the institute.

It is also beneficial for teachers. Teachers get the tools to automate routine tasks, digitally deliver, process teaching material and tests with minimal effort. Setup meeting online and teach anyone anytime.

Provide us with a few success stories where Vidyayug Technologies successfully implemented its products and solutions to satisfy the needs of the clients.
Vidyayug worked with collaborative partners in the US to support over 40 universities that relied on Sakai LMS. These universities relied on Vidyayug to support students and faculty needs of managing their Syllabus, Announcements, Lessons, Assignments, Assessments and Grades. It continues to offer a mobile app called g-OpenLMS available on Android and iOS for all of 100+ universities to connect to their Sakai LMS. Additionally, G-Campus is continuing to evolve and is currently enrolling beta schools. Our Orthotraining platform has 7 institutions using our dental courses and there will be a going through a major ramp-up in the coming quarters.

What is the road map that lies ahead? How is Vidyayug Technologies gearing up for the future?
Supporting multitenancy is one of the major tasks ahead of us where group of schools can be managed under the same umbrella. Also, building a model where customers have greater flexibility to upgrade their portal features which can suffix their current needs and pay for only those which provides value to their current scenario and with just a click of request get the new features to suffix their future needs.

Further, Mobile apps are getting uplift and roadmaps will evolve as we continue to listen to our customers and work towards their success.

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