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Applied Cloud Computing: A One-Stop-Shop For Anything Cloud

Nilesh, Founder & CEO, Applied Cloud Computing | Thursday, 9 September, 2021
Nilesh, Founder & CEO, Applied Cloud Computing

With its wide range of cloud services and products built on an experience-plinth of more than a decade in the IT industry, it’s hardly surprising that Thane-based Applied Cloud Computing Pvt. Ltd. (ACC) has carved its own niche in the highly competitive cloud services marketplace. An advanced AWS consulting partner, ACC comprises a team of experts who take the complexity out of cloud initiatives, helping businesses ensure business continuity. The company delivers a wide range of cloud security services including DevSecOps for multicloud & hybrid infrastructure, Digitalization, Product Development, Analytics, and Security, which are built around an even wider range of products. The company’s integrated range of offerings span across the entire IT infrastructure from network connectivity and resilient data center services to shared services, virtual server provisioning, virtual desktop services & Software-as-a-Service, underpinned by flexible, OPEX-based commercial models. Above all, its structured, consistent management processes, expert technical capabilities and flexible approach to solution delivery make the company stand unique in the populous industry. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with the man at the helm of ACC, Nilesh Satpute.

In conversation with Nilesh, Founder & CEO, Applied Cloud Computing.

The global cloud computing market is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.9 percent from 2020 to 2027. What is the kind of role that ACC is playing in this exponentially growing market, and where are you currently positioned in the industry?
ACC essentially is a cloud system integrator. We offer everything from consulting to assessment, migration, support, application development and modernization services, which are for cloud and are cloud native. ACC is a bespoke cloud company that caters to enterprise customers from BFSI and Media industry

Cloud immediately refers to a huge industry with a flood of service providers. What’s the unique proposition that you offer? What are the measures adopted to ensure a fast, seamless migration with minimum downtime?
ACC is a one-stop shop for all cloud services. We enable enterprise transformation through innovative cloud applications. Combining business acumen, integrated business & technology services, and a people-first approach, we help businesses discover digitalization and automation opportunities and execute tailor-made migration plans using cloud computing services. For cloud

adoption, we have a three prong strategy consulting & assessment, migration & governance, and operation & optimization.

Could you elaborate on these three aspects?
Having a firm grip over the knowledge of your exact pain points and needs is of paramount importance. Be it hybrid, multi, private, or public cloud that we deploy, we help assess where you are and create a roadmap to help maximize your cloud potential. We at ACC have tailor-made solutions to help meet the demands of multiple industries and organizations while keeping people, process and technology in mind. On the other hand, whether you’re migrating from a data center, modernizing for a cloud-first organization, or developing your applications in the cloud, our cloud framework, agility, experience, and products help you build a reliable foundation for growth and innovation.

Now, when you have executed a cloud strategy, operating in a cloud environment can be challenging and operating multi-cloud and hybrid models only increases that complexity. Our Cloud Migration Services provide infrastructure management, as well as compliance and cybersecurity services, ensuring resilient and reliable operations for enterprise cloud workloads. By combining our Cloud Managed Services with other offerings, we can deliver business outcomes as a set of cloud-hosted, scalable, and on-demand services to help organizations innovate and realize the full value of the cloud.

We at acc have tailor-made solutions to help meet the demands of multiple industries and organizations while keeping people, process and technology in mind

Tell us about your portfolio of products and services.
Our services portfolio is inclusive of DevSecOps for multicloud and hybrid infrastructure, Digitalization, Product Development, Analytics, and Security. Additionally, we offer a wide range of products including Ottohm (enterprise Video & OTT platform), Atlas Open Banking (API management and development platform), Atlas CLM (cloud Lifecycle Management), Atlas ON Board (customer & employee digital onboarding management), Atlas ITSM (vendor & service management), and Atlas Smart Contracts (contract automation and management). ACC is an advanced consulting partner with financial services and mobility competency.

Could you share with us an interesting & challenging case study of one of your implementations?
What comes to mind is one of the first SAP implementations in the insurance sector in India. The client was focused on digital insurance products and was extremely keen on implementing the SAP Insurance Core application on a tight timeline both for infrastructure and SAP customization. We designed and deployed the infrastructure to run on SAP-accredited Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances with Elastic Load Balancing distributing data traffic. This enabled the company to take advantage of Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) for storage services and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for backups. To help optimize the infrastructure, they also use AWS Lambda, which automatically shuts down non-production systems during quiet periods to reduce costs.

By adopting SAP S/4HANA running on the AWS Cloud, the client now has real-time data on EGI operations. Besides improved decision making, the SAP infrastructure on AWS is significantly more cost-effective than the on-premises data center. Additionally, EGI has trimmed the IT resources needed to maintain its SAP systems. The auto-scaling and failover capabilities available with AWS services save the IT team a lot of time because they are no longer responsible for so many routine administration tasks.

What’s ACC’s future roadmap? What are the areas that you will be investing in?
We are re-aligning our services around the portfolio of products that we have built over the years. Heavy investments are made towards enhancing the product portfolio and Cloud SOC. In the coming years, ACC will be expanding its operations in the UK and Europe.

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