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Technology Making Novel In Roads

CIO Insider Team | Friday, 14 January, 2022
Sujith Vasudevan

In recent time, construction technology has evolved through integration of innovative tools, machinery, modifications and software. The technologies are utilized in the construction project phase for construction methods, which include semi automated and automated construction tools. Writers suggest that oil was a major concern a

century ago, however, today, the industrial giants are utilizing data more than oil. At current pace, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated and the pace is just increasing with invention, innovation and inclusion of construction technology. Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping a lot. Big data is utilized in reading large data sets for finding success and failure patterns in construction behavior. Big data also helps in decision making and development for artificial intelligence technology and automation system. For better design of buildings, machine learning helps in exploration of different variations, which helps designers for crafting designs that are almost perfect and without error of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Keeping in mind all the requirements expected from consumers and of course the welfare of the environment, CIO Insider has curated a list of 'Top 10 Construction Technology - 2021'. The organizations on the list are thoroughly researched upon their proven operational efficiency, client interactions and relations, solutions implementation company collaborations, innovations and of course contributions to the environment. A panel of professionals, comprising industry veterans and subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team has reviewed the following list(in alphabetical order).

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