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Automation Continues to be Game-Changing

CIOInsider Team

As automation becomes increasingly intelligent, robots, drones, self-driving vehicles, and AI solutions are being developed at startling rates. Humans can expect now to see these technologies establishing connections, allowing them to interact with one another. For example, autonomous vehicles are starting to recognize imagery, track locations to uncover the best possible route, incorporate voice recognition, and relate to other automated technologies to improve both convenience and safety. As automation relentlessly accelerates the pace of change, organizations must leverage every opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve productivity

so they can boost the bottom line and stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, developments in automation give company owners the opportunity to re-imagine how they delegate day-to-day operations and can also change the game in their business.

Furthermore, with the digitization of business processes, automation technologies are increasingly important in helping organizations optimize resources, reduce labor costs, streamline processes, facilitate collaboration and drive profits. In fact, 61 percent of respondents in a survey believed that workflow automation helps improve the customer experience, 59 percent indicated that automation leads to higher productivity, and over 50 percent apply automation to enhance knowledge sharing within their organization. According to the fresh market research report by IndustryARC, this is a major factor opening up industrial and factory automation market which already has a market size of nearly USD 5 billion in 2018, and the demand for the same is projected to grow at a notable CAGR of 12 percent during the forecast period.

Without automation, the efficiency may decrease which leads to the increase of human errors and also causes lack of proper ability. Additionally, automating critical tasks can streamline collaboration where tasks can be completed promptly, and all relevant team members can be automatically notified. Even new development in automation will allow for more flexibility. Moreover, the world expecting more and more, and it is the time for IT-professionals to produce more quality products with few resources. And by leveraging everything with automation, the entire network will run very smoothly and it helps the other team members to concentrate on other important tasks that cannot be automated.

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