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Because Imparting Education should be Primary

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor | Monday, 16 September, 2019
Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was born in infancy as early as in the 1960s. It was a joint effort between J.I. Case, the manufacturer of tractors and other construction machinery, and their IT partner IBM. It wasn't called ERP though; not until 1990s at least. So, that's pretty much the beginning. From there and thenceforth, ERP has literally grown like a 'good' weed into every industry and has transformed that industry's operations for good.

In an Indian context, the education sector that used to be symbolized by kids learning from a 'guru' under the banyan tree, today, has grown into an industry that requires extensive interdepartmental

collaboration even for minor tasks. This was slowly affecting the quality of education due to divided attention of the management and administration. This in turn resulted in a need for better management and allocation of resources. Today the way the knowledge gets imparted to students and how the schools manage their administration has undergone a significant change. The cost, speed, and accuracy are measured in school performances every now and then. It decides the ranking and successful run of an educational institution. People have started identifying a need for change in favor of what used to be the original agenda of an educational institution; this is where an ERP comes into play. Essential activities including finances, employees' management, and extensive paperwork have all been automated by first movers in the education industry towards the implementation of an ERP system.

With an ERP, admissions method is machine-controlled that consumes lesser time as against the manual processes. Applying online from service portal makes application method less complicated for all the scholars and also the oldsters. It helps in price potency by managing the admission method, fees bifurcation and documents. It's helpful to organise the data you wish to and also offers data security. ERP for academic institutes provides the backup system to preserve the data from time to time. This is just one example of how an ERP can help. There is a whole host of challenges that ERP solves for the education management and administration. This edition presents a list of the top 10 most recommended Education ERP Solution providers, each one of which has something to offer. Have a look, and

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