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CEO Of HCL, C Vijayakumar Will Be The Chairman Of World Economic Forum's IT Governors Community

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Bengaluru, India – January 23, 2020: Software exporter HCL Technologies CEO, C Vijayakumar has given the title as the Chairman of IT Industry Governors community of the world economic forum. The announcement was made at the Forum’s annual meeting in Switzerland.

“We’re very pleased to have Mr Vijayakumar chairing our efforts this year in the IT Governors, which will focus on responsible technology leadership. We are looking forward to next steps and tackling urgent challenges together,” said Eric White, Head of the IT Industry at the World Economic Forum.

Under Mr Vijayakumar's maintenance the entire

public will highlight discourse and action around the most important disputes effecting the industry's upcoming development like talent re-skilling, data governance, safety and secrecy, responsible propagation of Artificial Intelligence, between others.

"In today's world where technology is at the heart of virtually every individual, social, policy and corporate action and by that means at the very center of human progress, it is critical that the IT Industry remains a beacon of responsible leadership", said C Vijayakumar, President & CEO, HCL Technologies. "With that vision as our north-star, I look forward to working closely with my colleagues in the IT Governors community this year on addressing prioritised issues of immediate and impending relevance as well as launch some new initiatives for cross-industry collaboration around data privacy, skilling and responsible use of new disruptive technologies", he added.

The World Economic Forum is an important Global organization of status for public and private cooperation. The Economic Forum involves the primary political, professional, social and other leaders of civilisation to form international, regional and business programs. Its yearly assembly in Switzerland carries collectively the heads and associates of more than 100 administrations, top managers of the 1,000 leading international organisations, leaders of worldwide organizations and applicable non-governmental companies as well as the most projecting social, communal and thought leaders.

HCL Technology is a universal IT service and accessing organisation which is headquartered in Noida. The organisation is in the grade of top 20 major marketing traded companies in India with an industry capitalization of $18.7 billion in the year 2017. The business functions in 44 countries all over the world.

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