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Digital Tools for Playing a Major Role in Work from Home

Emmanuel Das

The workplace going through a technological revolution in today’s work routine. A majority of the tech companies are developing technologies that are enabling people to work remotely. Technologies such as Web Conferencing, Instant Messaging when used properly enable the workforce to work efficiently even if they are miles apart from the office set-up. Moreover, the Global COVID-19 Pandemic which has struck terror ever since it has spread across the globe has completely transformed the work patterns by forcing companies to embrace work from home as a viable solution to keep their operations running.
Irrespective of the Coronavirus Pandemic that is shaping the global work patterns, working from a remote location other than the office was growing in popularity anyway. The advent of a new wave of technologies such as Office Chat Groups, remote accesses to critical tools, apps that allow video conferencing and many more have transformed the concept of work from home into a reality.

Big Tech Companies Ramps up Remote Working
As the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, big Tech companies are asking more and more of their employees to Work from Home.

Tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have all implemented Work from Home policies for all possible employees until the Coronavirus Pandemic subsides. Twitter has made it mandatory for all its workers globally to Work from Home. Facebook too has extended similar guidelines to all employees globally whose jobs allow them to do so.
Start-ups such as Slack and Zoom, along with established giants like Google and Microsoft are offering their tools for free. Microsoft has made its Cloud services free to small businesses for the next six months. Google followed soon with its own business subscription. While Zoom with its videoconferencing service lifted limitations on its own free tier, allowing conversations to exceed 40 minutes.
The shift to working from home is not limited to the large global corporations. Many start-ups and mid-sized enterprises like PayTM and Zoho to name a few have facilitated work from home for their workers.

The 5G, the Cloud and the Holoportation!
5G will change the way we work from anywhere. Ultra-fast wireless is not only for gaming, but it is also going to revolutionize the way we work too. One of the things the latest Lenovo/Microsoft PC device Yoga 5G demonstrated – is the ability to work as a portable work-station with exceeding Cloud storage capacity. Another thing coming with 5G that has been already demonstrated by Facebook’s Oculus Effort is the ability to use an Extended Reality headset and use it for telecommunicating. Dubbed as Holoportation, Microsoft has also been demonstrating Interactive Telepresense with Hololens. Holoportation will make in-site meetings a thing of the past.
Coronavirus is already changing how the global workforce operates; coupled with the mass adoption of 5G, which will boost up the transformation towards work from home even further.

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