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Digitalization as a Marketing Technique

CIOInsider Team

When a company starts thinking about advertising their newly released product, choices for plethora of media outlets opens in front of them. This was not the case a few years ago, when we had only TV, radio and paper advertisings. The deluge of digital media platforms has swayed the advertising scenario to explore new dimensions that could significantly bag the target audience.

Personalized customer advertisements are now proliferated for its wide acceptance across media platforms. Touchpoints have become more than purchasing gateways to the exchange of customer information for future needs. Retailers have started moving to ecommerce platforms that enable them

to improve the sales for e-shoppers and increase the presence of the brand across regions. The transformation has hit the marketing mix that automates and leaves the owner with a single option to choose which channel they should go for. The emergence of CRM systems and its growth across retail markets has been slowly elevating the methods through which they attain information necessary for understanding the customer and their preferences.

With the technological advancements that fuel the marketing strategies and techniques in the industry, digital advertising has been driving the ROI and effectiveness of online presence. The introduction of digital signage has raised the bar of outdoor advertisements to new heights adding to the visual appeal. Visual advertisements that are open to the mass audience are carefully designed to traverse the brand image and value. Shopping malls, theatres, and bus stops have become the prime locations for new digital signage that could get the attention of the people. Newfangled transit advertisings have also got integrated with intelligence systems that sense the location to disseminate the proper information about a brand or product. In the contemporary era, people are always surrounded with digital screens that either displays information or an infographics. The enormous appeal of the visual beauty has got people to glue their eyes and perceive the advertisement.

Since the beginning of the digital advertisements, it has been narrating a different story in the advertisement world. It has proved its worth for brand marketers every day by increasing the demand and desires, and bringing the engagement and loyalty programs to a novel level. With the humongous of data generated across different industries, the utilization of the same in a proper phase has been ringing the cash register along with attracting customers.

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