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How To Consume Cannabis Edibles The Right Way

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With new cannabis testing and growing methods, the saying “not your father’s weed” has become truer than ever. Since Colorado first legalized adult marijuana use in 2012 there have been many changes in recreational and medical consumption. One significant change is the emergence of weed in the form of edibles or marijuana-infused food products. But we all want answers to the important question: how long does it take to kick in? It has come a long way from brick-weed brownies and random dosages. States like Colorado, where weed is fully legal, havea range of commercial pot candies, drinks, tinctures, and much more for adults to test out themselves.

You should start with a low dose and go slow.
Most people do not know the difference between edible effects and normal pot smoking or vaporizing effects. You may not know how long a high will last or what dosage works for you. The recommended average THC dose for an edible is 10mg per dose. For instance, if a brownie has 100mg THC in one serving, then a normal dose is the equivalent of only one bite.
Our dosage advice is to start low and go slow. Work your way up from 5mg or 10mg, then be patient as the effects may be delayed. You can’t easily un-eat an edible, but you can always increase the dosage. Experimentation is encouraged, this is the best way for you to find the dosage that works best for you.

They all are different, stronger, and longer-lasting
Each person has a different reaction after taking an

edible. From ingestion to digestion, each individual body edible acts in a different and stronger waywithin the body. Compared to smoking or vaporizing ingesting an edible takes an entirely different route through the body.An edible, like any other food, must be digested, a process that can take a while. Smokingand vaporizing almost immediately affect your system but the edible variant takes much longer to take effect because of the digestive process which varies from person to person.

How long do edibles take to work
If you’re wondering how long do edibles take to work, you should know that the average of “kick in” time is anywhere between thirty minutes to over an hour. Everyone has a different reaction to different strains of weed, beginners should avoid making the mistake of upping the dosage simply because an edible did not work within the time frame set out by the cannabis dispensary. They then eat more, only to be hit a short time later with increased effects that last much longer and can be unpleasant.

Each time you buy an edible, make sure you look for labelling and dosage. Some are packaged in a single 10mg dose, while others come in several pieces which can add up to a higher dose when taken in all together. Make an informed decision, be sure to ask your budtender what they recommend for first time edible users.

The emptier your stomach, the faster you’ll feel it
If you haven’t eaten at all or not enough, you feeling the effects sooner. The key point to keep in mind after ingesting an edible is patience. Eating after taking the edible, if on an empty stomach, can increase the speed at which the effects come on. This can push the edible down, causing it to move quicker through the digestive system. Generally, Cannabis professionals and dispensary owners advise eating at least some regular food (not edibles) before consuming edibles so the effects are moderate.

Tips for beginner edible consumers
Here are some of our pointers for newbies:

  • ● You can’t overdose on weed, but taking too much can lead to an uncomfortable experience.

  • ● Remember each person has a different reaction time, don’t be mad if your friends feel it quicker than you

  • ● Effect speed depends on a variety of factors from metabolism to dosage to how the edible is made.

  • ● In the event that you overdo it, remember you will come back down from the effects and return to normal. Nobody has ever been reported to have died from a marijuana overdose.

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