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India will Need Nine Times as Many Digitally Skilled Workers by 2025, Reveals New AWS Report


AWS’ new research report reveals an analysis that points towards the digital skills practised by workers in India and the requirement of digital skills by the year 2025. It gives an estimation that 3.9 billion digitally skilled professionals will be required.

The research titled, ‘Unlocking APAC’s Digital Potential: Changing Digital Skill Needs and Policy Approaches’, by AWS stressed on the need for increase in the worker’s digital skill by nine-fold, including development of seven new digital skills that are expected from an average worker to keep up with technology advancements and demand. It also indicated that 12 percent of India's workforce comprises of digitally skilled workers.

More than 500 digital workers participated in the survey, alongside technology experts, business leaders and policymakers, who underwent a series of interviews, and as a result, it was concluded that digital skills are key assets for non-technology sectors like manufacturing and education.

“The research highlights the demand for more digital workers even in the non-technology sectors such as manufacturing and education. AWS is committed to equipping more students and workers with cloud skills that will help drive digital transformation across all sectors. We look to expand our collaboration with more education institutions and industry organizations to grow cloud-skilled talent. A cloud skill workforce is instrumental in accelerating innovation and creating a competitive edge for India”, commented Rahul Sharma, President, Public Sector, AISPL, AWS India and South Asia.

The report also estimated 76 percent of digital workers expect the need of cloud computing as it will be the most sought after competency.

The report also analyzed that cloud architecture design and the ability to create original digital content like software and web applications will be the most sought after skills by 2025 to perform in the manufacturing sector. Whereas the education sector demands developing digital security including cyber-forensics tools and techniques. Today, schools, teachers and students are expected to safeguard against cyber attacks, and teaching and learning require wide usage of the internet, especially with regards to online classes.

The report also estimated that 76 percent of digital workers expect the need of cloud computing as it will be the most sought after competency. Also, it specified that skills such as Cloud architecture design, software operations support, website/game/software development, large-scale data modelling and cyber security are the top five in-demand digital skills in India.

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