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Intelligent Interface: Reimagining the ways humans, machines and data interact

CIOInsider Team

Technology today is wider in thoughts than we imagine it to be. The interaction with technology when people started from the traditional aspect of typing in a keypad to the touch screens and voice instructions. Using voice instructions gives more clarity on what the conversation is all about and helps the opposite understand what the person is trying to convey. Gestures are also a set of actions which displays the conversations more in advance.

The idea of gesture and voice instruction is a mode of conversation between people and device. Machines are also set up in a way that they

understand certain gestures and action which displays in the screen for the convenience of the people. Intelligent Interface concentrates on the idea of a co relation between human and computer. The mode of creating a sensor or fixing a camera in a public place can always improve and develop the people and city as well. The usage of Google assistance, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana etc. are most widely used intelligent interface in the developing technology.

The interaction between human and machines are the source to which intelligence interaction has a role to play. There is a drastic change in the beginning of how people used technology and now at the end how are they using it. Intelligent Interfaces expects people to be more precise on them to understand them well. Building up once own interactions in an online portal can give a personalised way of Intelligence Interface, whereas erasing the same portal through privacy concerns is also as easy as it is created. Human interaction with the system has become more prominent than people considering an interaction face to face.

The system provides immediate responses which reflect the mode of accepting Intelligent Interface common by people. Devices keeps a track when we interact with them, this makes the entire process of having a relationship with the system and human symontanously. Certain devices actually don’t require the attention of people all the time as they are set to perform some activities. The device realises the duty it has to do and responds to the duty assigned to them. The future advancement of Intelligent Interface can be more precise and accurate to the people to have a better interaction with the device and create more credibility in performing with the system.

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