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Latest Technology Challenges that CIOs are Facing Today

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Senior technology executive is the foremost and primary role of a CIO (Chief Information Officer). CIO leads and directs the technology strategy for an organisation. One of the major roles of CIO is providing an executive level of interface between the technology department and the other department the organisation. Setting up a broad strategy with wider set of business can be managed by the CIO. There are different challenges faced by CIOs with the latest technologies in the organisation. Bringing up new technologies can risk the work of CIOs as they handle the technological aspect of the organisation.

Accepting new technologies and changes as part of business growth and development is a mandatory factor for every organisation. Today CIOs are contributors to formulating organisational goals.Protecting AI and drive business decision data is one of the concerns talked by CIOs in order to accept new privacy policies in the business.

Nowadays, it has become default for developing companies to ensure privacy by design, but whether those initiatives meet GDPR standards is still an ongoing concern. Skill gap is another issue faced by the CIOs in the organisation. The technologies are fast forward and meeting their expecting is difficult for the CIOs as latest technology has various protections format which can be accessed by few members who are efficient enough to understand the technological development. It has become necessary for CIOs to enquire about multiplatform security while exploring new cloud-based services that lead enterprises to regulate security systems that are incompatible and inconsistent.

Innovation and digital transformation is another risk factor addressed by CIOs from the organisations. A two-third of business leaders exhibit their interest in accelerating digital transformation, fearing not to lose their ground to competitors. CIOs no longer only deal with the IT aspect of an organisation. The rapidity in which digital transformation is affecting businesses has placed many of them in a much more strategic position. The traditional CIO role meant that they were the providers of IT with a focus on development and operations, the new model visualizes the CIO as an adviser and orchestrator of services with new technologies.

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