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Mobile Apps for Women Safety

Shiwani Prakash

Due to the increasing number of crimes against women, the healthy psychology of women is often challenged because still in this day and age, they are being subjected to violence, domestic abuse, and rape. It has planted seeds of fear in the minds of Indian people. As a result, women are dread by the idea of walking home alone at night and are compelled to stay within the confinement of strict rules & discipline, willingly or unwillingly. This demoralizes women’s confidence level and makes them ambivalent, timid and submissive for the real world.

Thankfully though, to alleviate fears of family members and to help a woman move around with confidence, companies have rolled out mobile apps dedicated to complete women safety and security and keep their family members and close friends informed about their whereabouts. Most of these apps are free but a few have paid features that may help to save a life. So here we cover best women’s safety apps which will act as a security guard for the woman, protecting them from dangers in the world outside:

Eyewatch SOS for Women - It captures audio and video of the user’s surroundings and sends it to the registered contacts along with an alert message. This app has been praised for its high location

accuracy, functioning without GPRS and safety confirmation feature. Afterward on reaching the location safely the user can inform their dear ones by pressing - I am Safe button. It is available on both Google Play Store and iTunes.

Women Safety - Women Safety app does more than the straightforward safety features offered by other apps. Along with sending an instant message to the emergency numbers, it offers an additional service of sending an email to pre-configured email IDs of your trusted contacts with location details and Google Map link. Apart from the usual, the app adds more value and takes pictures from the phone’s front and back camera as well as a supporting video and audio clip and sends them all to your contacts via emails.

bSafe - bSafe is an all in one safety app for women providing varieties of features. It has bSafe alarm which sends exact location and audio-video of the surrounding areas to the contact previously selected by you. Another feature ‘Follow me’ enables virtual tracking of the user via GPS tracking, until you reach the situation. Fake call feature in this app allows you to fake call to escape from some unpleasant situation and ‘timer alarm’ helps you to set an auto alarm to keep your guardian informed about your whereabouts. This app is available on Google Playstore and iTunes.

Chilla – If a woman is unable to press the button of her phone while facing some problem, she can activate the Chilla app by shouting loudly. On activation, this app sends an alert message to the woman’s guardian or dear ones. Apart from this feature, Chilla app sends alert messages to pre-configured contacts on pressing the power button five times. It can be downloaded from Google Playstore and iTunes.

My SafetyPin - If one is stuck in a crossroads, then My SafetyPin app acts as your guide in choosing the best and safest route. On entering an unsafe location, this app gives alerts and you can invite family or friends to track you. The safety of an area is measured using various parameters like public transport, visibility, security, etc. My SafetyPin app is available on Google Playstore and iTunes.

Whether you're going out for a jog or headed off on a blind date, it's better to be in a safety box checked. These women’s safety apps are there for women to feel them safe and secure. So, women should consider installing on their smartphones to keep themselves safe in all situations.

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