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Pitamber Shivnani Will Be The New CEO And President Of GE T&D India

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Bengaluru, India – January16, 2020: Pitamber Shivnani will be the Chief Executive Officer and President GE Grid Solutions South Asia. His role is to manage GE’s Grid solution market for various countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Shivnani has an experience of almost 32 years in different fields of marketing and sales. He worked as an entire leader in authority and automation technology that facilitates ability, industry transportation and infrastructural customers to progress performance while decreasing environmental influence. Shivnani held his responsibility and a leadership position with ABB

India Limited for more than three decade. He retained his success while performing under dual roles and at the same time managing initiatives and multiple business units. He transformed a fifty year old industrial location into a various green field manufacturing units of power product to a fresh look.

He was the President in ABB India for more than 14 years and was responsible in involving the business units of power grid, developing a market based strategy including direct, third party and project sales. He implemented powerup transformation strategy. He was the market manager and supply chain management manager and business line traction manager of ABB India for 18 years. He also served as a branch manager in ABB India. His career in ABB India has started in the years 1987 as a market engineer for transmission segment in northern part of India. His service also included sales and execution of orders from sales side. Shivnani maintained an outstanding relations at all stages of customer organization through customer attention. He was promoted as a frontend sales branch manager during the period 1995 – 1997 and was under the role to take care of complete products and service portfolio of ABB India.

Sunil Wadhwa handed over his position of President and CEO to Shivnani to find more opportunities outside GE.

Vishal Wanchoo, President and CEO – GE South Asia said: “His deep knowledge and rich experience of the sector will help the company to chart the next phase of our company’s growth in the region."

Shivnani said, “This is indeed an exciting opportunity for me. I look forward to leading and growing the GE T&D business in South Asia.”

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