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Qlik Acquires AI Data Management Company Mozaic

CIO Insider Team | Thursday, 21 December, 2023

Qlik, a leading data integration and analytics provider, announced the acquisition of Mozaic Data (Mozaic), an innovative AI-based data management technology. This timely acquisition marks a step forward in simplifying business data processing, focusing on a product-oriented approach to improving data quality and management.

Integrating Mozaic into the Qlik portfolio brings a transformative approach to data management as a product. "Organizations are increasingly looking to build domain-centric data products that go beyond data integration and quality. Industry expectations are high. The focus of Qlik's data quality and management solutions to embody the concept of data products emphasizes a maturity that meets the needs of today's customers."

Sharad Kumar, founder of Mozaic, joins Qlik as regional head of data integration and quality. His expertise will further strengthen Qlik's innovation capabilities to develop a next-generation data product catalog solution that enables customers to quickly and efficiently get more value from their data.

Mozaic's innovative Data Product Experience approach is created following the principles of distributed architecture

Drew Clarke, General Manager, of the Data Business Unit at Qlik, says, “The acquisition of Mozaic and Sharad’s expertise is a pivotal step in reshaping the data landscape, and is a significant contribution to our ongoing work for 2024.

Customers recognize the importance of treating data as a product—a strategy that aligns with the need for a SaaS-based Data Product Catalog, offering a more efficient and user-friendly experience in data lifecycle management, while also reinforcing a solid foundation for AI-driven data management.”

Mozaic's innovative Data Product Experience approach is created following the principles of distributed architecture. Mozaic enabled organizations to build, secure, manage, deploy, and manage domain-centric information products in the cloud. These information products can be found in the information product marketplace and used across multiple consumption patterns, enabling a variety of business use cases.

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