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Quantum Leap Can Allow Machines To Out-Think Humans

CIOInsider Team | Friday, 3 January, 2020
CIOInsider Team

Experts say that cloud AI will permit most people to be better by the next decade. In the upcoming years computers will have human intelligence where the work converts lighter for human workers. An era of singularity is that point when all the unconventional technologies particularly artificial intelligence which leads to machine that are smarter than human beings. Computers having human intelligence will uplift and develop the quality of the country rapidly. Carrying AI or Cloud based AI will support human to turn smarter and can achieve technological evolution individually. To fetch this

idea into reality, companies structuring robots are linking them to cloud with the power of million robots and authorising them to perform different tasks. Various companies are setting up a cloud based artificial intelligence robot to introduce human about the arrival of contemporary technology in the coming years.

The upcoming growth in technology will be challenging for human as it threaten human ability and autonomy. Collective human work such as complex decision making, reasoning and learning, speech recognition, visual perception and language translation is done by one single system without any breaks or requirements of assistance. The smart system of Cloud based AI in vehicles, buildings, utilities, business process and in farms will save time, energy, money and will have a productive future for every individuals. Almost all companies are shifting their perception to rely completely on cloud computing where they accept singularity in terms of machines taking the charge over human. Singularity will win over mankind in the next twenty years where people will only rely on machines for any basic essentials.

In the coming era of upgrading technology, human will have a direct brain contact with cloud computing machines. All the machines will abstract human details and can access all the information with protection. Major advantage of this technology will be helping individuals in reducing risk. About two – three years, the entire world will enter into an ultra-smart life that will encourage people to become smarter and accept the reality of an era where machines will out think human.

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