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Tech Mahindra and Business Finland to Sign up MoU to develop 5G and 6G in Finland

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Bengaluru, India-November 22, 2019: Tech Mahindra has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Business Finland to set up a development of 5G and 6G at Innovation lab in Finland. As part of the merging, Tech Mahindra will advance, pilot and execute state-of-the-art digital products and facilities to adoptive growth, productivity and inventions in the area of 5G and 6G.

The innovation centre of Tech Mahindra will be a primary platform for Finland players including the research institutes, universities, government institution and companies to collide with. Jagdish Mitra, chief strategy officer, Tech Mahindra said that the elementary focus will be creating industry applications using the technology. “We want to make 5G and 6G enterprise-ready and will cover all aspects of the rollout,” he said. He also said that

the innovation lab will work with the business to provide a proof of concept on industry applications.

Timo Harakka, Finnish Minister for Employment, said, “The MoU between Tech Mahindra and Business Finland is an excellent step forward in the close collaboration between Finland and Mahindra group. Business Finland will work together with Tech Mahindra to explore the possibility of establishing 5G/6G Innovation Hub in Finland. I am sure that this cooperation will be mutually beneficial and provide great opportunities for both Finland and Tech Mahindra.”

Communication is a primary source for Tech Mahindra, contributing 40% of its revenues. The company told that, the result of actual implementation of 5G process will be reflected in 2020.

Jagdish Mitra said, “The Finnish technology ecosystem is one of the most progressive in Europe. Their strategic focus on building ‘technologies for the future’ has been the cornerstone, and the initiative towards developing 6G technology and further working on 5G use-cases aligns well with our TechMNxt charter”.

Antti Aumo, Executive Director, Invest in Finland, Business Finland, said, “Finland has an active co-operation between the public and private sectors, combined with an active start-up scene and innovative test beds. Innovation and investments in RDI have a huge direct linkage to economic productivity and employment growth, and Tech Mahindra´s decision to set up an innovation lab in Finland is excellent news for Finland and for Finnish companies, universities and research organizations.”

Tech Mahindra has three steps to reach 5G, which then will result in 6G networks as well. It is considering at providing results for communications service providers to help with the network rollout and advancement, enterprise applications all over the industries like manufacturing, retail, oil and gas and logistics, and device enablement.

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