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The Samaritans' AI

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Had there been an AI engine installed in the building or in the premise that could have had recognized the perpetrators when they tried entering The Taj Mumbai on 26/11, it might become the most real-time utility of AI in a nation's agenda. With all its extreme awe and laudation surrounding AI, this kind of utility of AI still remains a concept, a talk, and a far-fetched idea. When an AI program can be built to drive a vehicle by itself, deliver a correct medical diagnosis or even perform surgeries, used for surrogate operators for

combat and training stimulators, make tactical decisions then it’s a high time to extend its potential in identifying such incidents either on the spot or learning and evolving as per the environment.

The gun loaded perpetrators can next be equipped with potentially harmful codes and algorithms to malign the very system of AI which is a challenge. AI has the potential to grow with the help of deep learning and Neural Networks that provides AI to recodify itself under such conditions. There are other such instances where AI holds extreme utility to discipline the scores of lacunae present in any nations’ system. Another such instance is in banks. Right from identifying NPAs in banks to identifying the loan types and other services to people, AI can do away with many human-related errors and advantages. While many sectors are getting streamlined with AI, yet several scopes of AI can only be fathomed like AI in courts, AI to understand and calculate amount of water to be divided between states. AI can also be used to identify the designs of ammunition and analyze threats to make borders a place where AI can itself act as a combating force reducing deaths.

The challenge to create a Utopian state is too drastic and yet AI holds the true potential to change the way a nation functions. Of course with its increased power, regulations, and acceptance, technology will undergo a sea change. Until then, one thing stands out that AI is indeed for its people being the Samaritans’ AI.

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