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Timeless Solutions through 4D Flash Storage

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“Most companies don’t have the skill sets to put in place the technical infrastructure required to ingest, store, and analyse the volume of often real-time data presented by IoT,” said Deloitte Consulting principal, Andy Daecher. The fodder to keep a technology alive is its evolution. Storage, as

such is sailing in the same boat. With flash storage becoming viral it has turned to become just a layer of storage in systems. The aggressive utility of predictive storage analytics has morphed the high-end storage technology. The steep growth of unstructured data and software defined storage have created a space for 4-D flash in the years to come. The rise in security vulnerability has ensured that storage trends aren’t about hardware but about learning where the data can be best stored-locally or in cloud. Yet, the organizations are increasingly investing and remodelling their budgets to set high-capacity disk-based persistent storage.

Increasingly with converged and shared infrastructure, networking virtualization and deployment along with persistent storage the memory and storing industry is getting re-designed. The real-time data extraction, prediction and analysis are leveraging the Cloud Storage, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT technologies. The glaring shift of fundamental use of storage has changed the way flash storages are been viewed in this digital transformation. With the simplicity of storing data getting transformed to Complex Flash storage capable of Predictive Analytics, 4D Flash storage for enterprise data storage has brought in the timeless solution that won’t age prematurely.

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