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Tokenised Cards, Business App and Spot Codes for Google Pay

CIOInsider Team

With the 5th Google for India event came the biggest announcement on the new features that is going to upgrade Google Pay in India. Tokenised cards, Google Pay for Business app, and ‘The Spot Platform’ will be available for users who operates on the payment gateway app.

During the launch, tokenised cards are made

available across VISA cards for HDFC, Kotak, Standard Chartered and SBI banks. Users with Mastercard and Rupay cards can also look forward as it get integrated for tokenized cards on Google Pay. The biggest advantage is that, tokenised cards on Google Pay slash the need of redirection to enter OTPs while making payments through cards. Moreover, all transactions below INR 2,000 would not be requiring a PIN for tokenized cards.

The search giant also launched the ‘Google Pay for Business’ app in India. Now merchants can verify themselves through the app, which uses video verification process. This requirement is facilitated through a video conversation where Google requires the merchant to verify information about their business.

Google’s ‘The Spot Platform’ for business enterprises will encourage them to make purchases on Google Pay in a more interactive manner. The Spot Platform will provide businesses with an option to create mini sites for Google Pay. The Spot code can be scanned to place order for products and the customer can pick them up later. A NFC enabled Spot code will be scripted on the product as well, so that the customer will get access to see the menu. Google ensures that the Spot platform will have an easy interface that would only take basic knowledge of HTML codes and Java scripts.

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