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Travel Tech for the Adventurer in You

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Gone are the days of travelling the world was a step for the unknown. Today, the travel and tourism industry has confirmed to the rapid technology that provides everything that a person seeks to find in the journey. The travel tech industry has gone a complete overhaul over the essentialities that need to be served to make a journey hassle-free and memorable one. By compromising to the website and mobile app development, travel tech is also becoming a part of digitalization process.

With the arrival of emerging technologies in the IoT landscape, it paved the path for considerable development in analyzing and processing of data that helps in giving better customer experience.

The intelligence booking system availed by many travel tech companies like Make my Trip, Yatra, and Expedia, provides travellers to perform a set of actions including price comparison, booking of hotels and buses, reserving best holiday packages, save future bookings and categorization in a single platform. Effective SEO practices make such online travel agencies gain popularity for the specific service they provide.

By comprising different travel booking websites into a single platform, and allocating the best packages for travellers across borders, these travel portals have seamless design and strong social media presence that allots everything for the demands of the users. With the integration of cab booking facility, travellers are equipped with further advantages that add-on to the easy travel experience. It promotes safety-first travel across places with security factors along with valuable details such as registration number, driver info etc. For travellers who need to find places of their own without any guidance of an external, mobile travel apps assist them with the built-in geolocation feature.

Geolocation technology locates the traveller in the map and helps them to find nearby attractions or restaurants as per the need.
As mentioned earlier, machine learning and big data are renovating travel apps into smarter and cleverer for bringing custom made applications. By utilizing the history of travels that the user has made, what payment transactions they have used, what were the preferences for hotels, tailor-made apps are delivering services beyond imagination. In the near future, the travel and tourism industry awaits big transformations as industries under public sector will also start leveraging the best use of technology and mobile app platforms to make travel an effortless process.

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