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Uber anoints Pradeep Parameswaran as new head of its Asia Pacific business

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Uber has anointed Pradeep Parameswaran as the regional general manager of its Asia Pacific region operations. Pradeep oversaw the shared-ride giant’s business in India and South Asia for two years,
Starting his role next week, Parameswaran will be tasked to enhance Uber’s presence in the nine nations in the Asia Pacific region where the company currently operates.
“There is huge potential to serve more Uber customers and continue innovating across the diverse region, whether that be taxi partnerships in North Asia, new products like Uber Rent in Australia or pushing two and three-wheelers deep into

the Indian heartland,” said Parameswaran, pictured above, in a statement.

While Asia Pacific countries indeed offer a huge opportunity to Uber, which in recent years has refrained from Southeast Asia and China as the heavily-backed, loss-prone company struggled to compete with just as heavily-backed and loss-making local startups.
Not so long ago this year, before the COVID19 caught pace to spread widely outside of China, Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi said the organization has plans underway to expand in Japan and South Korea in the immediate future.

While he presided over the chair of chief of Uber India and South Asia, Parameswaran helped the firm grow and sail through some tough decisions in the world’s second largest internet market. Uber said at the beginning of 2020 that in 2019, it handled 14 million rides each week in India.
However, it didn’t work out well with the company’s bet on taking over the food delivery market, despite it having spent millions each month to lure customers. 2020 entered, and Uber sold Eats’ Indian business to local rival Zomato.
Nevertheless, Parameswaran will be overseeing Uber’s ride business in the Asia Pacific region, a spokesperson said. He also added that the firm is also carrying out a selection process to fill in for Parameswaran’s former India role.
He will also set to be moving to the company’s yet-to-be named new headquarters in APAC. Uber has confirmed it intends to move its regional headquarters to Hong Kong, the semi-autonomous Chinese territory, where the company operates in a legal grey area.

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