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Will Robotics Process Automation Emerge as a Complementary Technology?

CIOInsider Team

When implementing a new technology to the business, it is important to consider not only its value position but also its successful implementation. Businesses invest more in bringing up new progressive technologies in the market. In order to avoid lack of confusion in the work it is necessary to have a Robotics Process Automation in every business. Cost effectiveness is the major advantage which robotic automation provides the business. Robots are set to work repeatedly all the time without any break or leave or any other obligations. This benefits the business in

reducing the cost amount up to 30 percent of what the company is spending for the employees. Doing repetitive tasks by the employees induce mistakes through lack of attention. Robotic automation has the ability to work without errors and also makes zero mistakes which are more trustworthy. Using robotics can reduce the complexity an employee is facing and can cut down the effort and risks of the employees. This will enhance the workers to level up their standard in doing other creative work and concentrate on one particular work at a time. There are cases where employees have to work in unfavourable or dangerous work space which can cause health related issues. At the same time robot automation have the intense care system where they are set to work in all the temperature and can adjust their settings according to the temperature.

But, not everybody has been influenced with the compensations robotic automation can introduce. The major cons of the automation via robotics impacts in loss of the employees work. Robots are cost effective and can do various works at a time and can work for every hour without rest or leave and can replace the employees off their positions. Any changes that supplement the implementation of a new technology can be stressful for employees as they might experience shifts in their responsibilities. The process of having an interaction towards the customers can be reduced due to the implementation of RPA. There are many things to be considered while implementing new technology to a business. In mean time organisations will be able to find new applications for RPA which reduces the challenges and can effectively use the advanced technology in the business.

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