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  • Sukh Sandhu, Chief Executive Officer, Compliance And Quality Assurance (CAQA)

    Sukh Sandhu, Chief Executive Officer, Compliance And Quality Assurance (CAQA)

  • With tightening government-mandated compliance requirements, organizations are now under increased pressure to comply with a growing number of regulations. To stay compliant, the need to provide employees with adequate training is nonnegotiable, creating a demand for compliance training solutions that can help organizations keep up with changing regulations. Today, organizations are increasingly investing in compliance training to help their employees avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize the organization's reputation.

  • Compliance And Quality Assurance(CAQA): Offering Tailor-Made Quality Assurance & Risk Management Solutions

There is No Go-Around with Digital Transformation

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

A few days ago, I submitted a request to replace my RO water purifier with the company’s new model. In fact, that’s one of many advantages of using a no-capex, subscription-based RO purifier—you can get the latest model when

Elevate UX & CX with Automation supported by Digital Infrastructure Management Services

By: Sushantpurushan, Chief Revenue Officer, India Business Region, 3i Infotech

For instance, when an organization starts to grow and scale, say by 2X or 3X, the need to continually monitor the health of the Infrastructure to ensure it’s up and running becomes very important. With the Infrastructure

10 Most Recommended RPA Solution Providers - 2022

The rise of the InsurTech ecosystem for frictionless consumer journey

By: Saurabh Tiwar, Chief Technology Officer,

Technology can enable companies to create a comprehensive profile of the consumer based on data collected from real time events and customer interactions, including payment, purchases, ticket, call and browsing activity.


Tata Communications IoT Lighting up Smart Cities & More in India

By: Praveen Arora, VP - IoT, Tata Communications

From connected streetlights to traffic control and parking meters, the Internet of Things (IoT) powers smart cities, promising safer, greener, and more efficient urban living and working


Quantum Computing & AI Revolutionizing Cryptography & Security

By: Utpal Chakraborty, Chief Digital Officer, Allied Digital Services

In his 22 years long career, Utpal has worked with multinational corporations such as IBM, Capegemini, Firmenich, L&T Infotech, and YES Bank, to name few.


Intelligent Automation

By: Sudhir Kanvinde, Chief Information Officer, The Supreme Industries

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence are established technologies, individually proven to be revolutionizing and finding application in almost every business domain.


Digital ecosystem build

By: Srivaths Varadharajan, Global Fintech & Digitech Evangelist

Organisation needs to add creative digital workflow with intelligence. Usually workflows are defined and designed in silos across various function within organization. The interlinkages and connect to multifold view along with superior customer and partner ecosystem keeping

  • 10 Most Recommended RPA Solution Providers - 2022

    In the present technological era where it's all about digitalization and automation across industries and businesses, and organizations are largely implementing robotics to make their operations easier, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a interactive technology proficiently helps along. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that interacts with digital systems and software to make and manage software robots. Making robots capable of doing things like understanding what's on a screen, completing the right keystrokes, navigating systems, identifying and extracting data, and performing a wide range of defined actions, Robotic Process Automation, is effectively helping reduce the staffing costs and human error for companies. The automation of business processes leads to minimizing of a lot of work along with managing a huge client base and continuous 24/7 support from the bots. In India, the market for RPA is scaling at an unprecedented level in traditional industries, government systems and service sectors. As per's study, the RPA market in India is accounted to grow at a CAGR of above 20 percent during the forecast period 2019-2025. The increasing demand to automate accounting and process management, are the factors augmenting the RPA market's growth in the country. There are numerous RPA Solution Providers in India offering their efficient RPA solutions in the market for improved organizational growth. In this issue, CIO Insider has come up with a list of `10 Most Recommended RPA Solution Providers - 2022' who have proved their proficiency in the sector with a deep knowledge in technology. The following list is prepared closely scrutinized by a panel of judges consisting of CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts, and our editorial board. We believe that these platforms will help in transforming business processes through their significant expertise and knowledge.

10 Most Recommended RPA Solution Providers - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AutomationEdge AutomationEdge Uday Birajdar , Co-Founder & CEO A preferred Hyperautomation, Robotic Process Automation and IT Automation solution provider and helps organizations automate their mundane, repetitive rule-based tasks across verticals whether in the HR, IT, front office, middle office or back office
Boundaryless Automation: Helping Organizations Scale Up Operations Through Digital Transformation Boundaryless Automation Erik Gillet , Founder & CEO A niche consultancy specializing in intelligent process automation and advanced analytics that helps organizations scale up their automation programs and high-impact process automation opportunities
Cygnet Infotech Cygnet Infotech Niraj Hutheesing , Founder & Managing Director Experienced in assisting organizations in transforming their digital journeys by discovering the right technology platforms that provide the right solutions
NeeliTech NeeliTech Jyothi Noronha , Co-Founder & CEO A pure-play Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consulting and solution provider and expert in RPA with skills in Intelligent Automation including Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning
Predikly Predikly Sunil Ranka , Founder A world class Automations Solution (RPA) provider and distributed team of business process automation experts deliver the right-sized solution with geographically right-sourced services
RPASoft RPASoft Manojkumar Nagaraj , Co-Founder & CEO A specialized technology company focussed on robotic process automation consulting, resource augmentation, training and implementation
RPATech RPATech Alok Mani Tripathi , Founder & CEO One of the leading Robotic Process Automation services providers and is committed to providing exceptional value to its customers with a key focus on process excellence and innovation
SOAIS SOAIS Nimish Sanghi , Founder & Board Member It offers a full spectrum of technology solutions in the arena of UiPath RPA, Oracle Cloud (SaaS & PaaS), PeopleSoft, Worksoft Test Automation, and niche technology areas such as AI/ML
TIF Labs TIF Labs Kritarth Mohan , Co-Founder & COO The firm is Committed to offer services and products that help clients convert their imaginations into reality
WonderBotz WonderBotz Vivek Goel , Country Head The firm offers Intelligent Automation as a Service and can quickly update your back-office operations with tech solutions

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